Star Wars Battlefront Review

Not so long ago, in a galaxy that is our own. There was a disturbance in the force, as millions of voices were silenced at the announcement of the brand new Star Wars Battlefront. This silence was a silence lasting for only a split second. A silence brought on…

In A Galaxy...

Accuracy - 96%
Graphics - 95%
Audio - 94%
Gameplay - 95%
Replayability - 96%


Star Wars

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Not so long ago, in a galaxy that is our own. There was a disturbance in the force, as millions of voices were silenced at the announcement of the brand new Star Wars Battlefront. This silence was a silence lasting for only a split second. A silence brought on by excited disbelief. An excitement that erupted in a global Ewok celebration dance as seen at the end of Episode VI after the defeat of the Emperor. The early game footage, trailers, leaked spoilers and teased game modes kept us at bay while Dice and EA did their magic. We waited long. We waited hard. We waited patiently. That wait is over! Was it worth it?

This is the Star Wars game you are looking for…

The previous Star Wars Battlefront titles were amazeballs, but lets forget they existed, for the duration of this article anyway. We all have memories of what Star Wars meant to us as children and how it effected our youth, and for me, it was the dream of sitting in the cockpit of “Red 5”, the X-Wing that Luke used in Episode IV to destroy the Deathstar. Star Wars Battlefront has fulfilled that life-long dream, and not only was it amazing, it still is amazing and will forever be amazing! My experience started with the Star Wars Battlefront Beta Weekend (same weekend as rAge 2015), and I live streamed my Beta experience, which is when I had my first taste in being an X-Wing pilot during the Battle for Hoth.

Before the review train derails, lets discuss what the game has to offer. It has the Online Multiplayer mode, consisting of 9 Modes, ranging from 8-40 players, namely Walker Assault, Supremacy, Fighter Squadron, Blast, Droid Run, Cargo, Drop Zone, Heroes vs. Villains and Hero Hunt. Then There is the Mission Mode, offering four types of Missions, with 16 Missions in total, also doubling up as training for the Multiplayer Mode, each of which can be played solo offline, co-operatively offline and co-operatively online. My personal favorite game in this mode is the Survival Mode, where you need to hold off Imperial forces that come at you in waves (13 in total) with a whole range of infantry types and vehicles such as AT-ST’s that you need to strategically take down on foot with a limited arsenal to progress to the next wave. I did this both solo, and with my brother in offline co-operative mode. It was an insane amount of fun!

Each of the Multiplayer Maps has it’s specific limit, according to it’s goal, this limit applies to number of players, whether you can pilot or control vehicles or whether you can play as a Hero or Villain instead of just a regular leveled up soldier or trooper. There are currently 13 Multiplayer Maps on Four different Planets, namely Tatooine, Hoth, Endor and Sullust. You can pilot vehicles such as an AT-AT, AT-ST, T-47 Air Speeder, X-Wing, A-Wing, TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor, the Millennium Falcon, Slave I and Endor Speeder Bikes. Playable Heroes and Villains include Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Darth Vader, The Emperor and Boba Fett…no Chewbaca yet. In December we will gain access to the Battle of Jakku free, via downloadable DLC.

What are my inner thoughts about this title?

I am hooked. My family are hooked. Heck, even my non-gamer dad got in on the action when I sat him down and shoved a controller in his hands and yelled “May the Force be with you!”. With all the familiar sights, sounds, soundtrack, vehicles, soldiers and characters, Star Wars Battlefront punches you like the Juggernaut, straight in the nostalgia feels. If you ever wondered what it was like piloting one of those T-47 Air Speeders on Hoth, using a hook tow cable to bring down those big nasty AT-AT Walkers, now you can literally be the hero of the story and relive the movie moments for real, in movie set accurate environments! Who would not want that? Seriously?

As you play the game, in any mode, you earn in-game currency by unlocking achievements (stars) or by gaining experience points via special kill types, like head shots. This in-game currency is used to purchase weapon and appearance upgrades, as well as deck cards for your in-game hand, which is the set of customizable skills you take into battle with you, like your grenades, devastating anti-vehicle rockets or a vantage point achieving jump-pack. These are just a few examples of what you can unlock and use.

There is also the Star Wars Battlefront Mobile Companion for your iOS or Android device, which links directly to your EA account, pulling all your information through to your mobile phone where you can unlock more weapons, decks, outfits and explore your game statistics like your DK ratio and win/lose ratio to mention the tip of the iceberg. The companion also has an awesome mini game called “Base Command”, which offers 50 Missions (Seiges) and 150 extra stars which convert into in-game currency to assist in upgrade purchases. So want an added currency boost? Download the app now and play Base Command immediately…it is very addictive as well.

The Online Matchmaking system pits you against players of similar skill level and servers are always available, load exceptionally fast and even in less than ideal ISP situations, the LAG is minimal, so I am assuming that packet compression is at an industry breakthrough high level. The graphics are intense. The soundtrack is crazy inspiring. The modes and gameplay is undeniably fun. The content is purely immersive, whisking you to a galaxy far far away in an instant!

May the Force be with you. Always.

The developers did a great job with Star Wars Battlefront. It was worth the wait, as stated above, this is the Star Wars game we have been wanting for many years. I do not see this title aging and becoming boring or servers becoming less populated. Star Wars Battlefront is here to stay. The only issue I have with it, is that the voice of Darth Vader, is not recognizable, it would have received a flawless score from me if they had perhaps considered using some voice samples of James Earl Jones. That being said, this title is well worth every cent, every second and every blaster “pew pew” you are going to put your loved ones through. May the Force be with you.

Additional Information

Reviewed on: PS4
Available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4
Genre: Action, Shooter, Sci-Fi
Age Rating: Teen +
Developer: Dice
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Estimated RRP: R899.00
Release Date: 17 November 2015


  • Movie Set Accuracy
  • X-Wings! Tie Fighters! Lightsabers!


  • Darth Vader voice-over isn’t James Earl Jones samples
  • I want to fly around in space!

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