Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


SSBU Fighter Pass 2 – Min Min

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass 2 is here and the first new character we get to enjoy is Min Min.

Check out the video below where I talk a bit about the character and here are some more details of everything you get with the first fighter.

  • New Fighting Character Min Min
  • New Spirits to collect
  • Spring Stadium Stage
  • 18 new Music Tracks
    • ARMS Grand Prix Official Theme Song
    • Ramen Bowl
    • Ribbon Ring
    • Ninja College
    • Mausoleum
    • Scrapyard
    • Cinema Deux
    • Buster Beach
    • Snake Park
    • DNA Lab
    • Sky Arena
    • Via Dolce
    • Temple Grounds
    • Sparring Ring
    • Vs. Hedlok
    • ARMS Grand Prix FInal Battle
    • Spring Stadium

Look out for new videos when the next character releases.

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