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Have you ever wanted to be able to spit your teeth out and use it as a weapon, I didn’t until now. Spitlings is a chaotic single player or co-op platformer type game where you use your teeth as projectiles or to traverse. Spitlings tale is a tale as old as time; raining goop has trapped your Spitling friends in your skyscraper city now you have to save them, don’t you hate it when it rains goop.


Spitlings is an extremely colourful and gives of a really fun vibe, as it should. The sprites look good and each monster that you collect on your adventures looks unique, a lot of variety on squares I can tell you that.


There isn’t much that you can say about the story, your friends are trapped and you have to save them, there isn’t a deeper story or hidden narrative, as there shouldn’t be one, this is purely for gameplay fun.


In Spitlings you use your teeth kill you foes or to jump, you only have a limited amount so there is strategy in all the chaos and a mastery to attain. As you finish each short level you save and unlock a Spitling friend. Playing the game single player isn’t recommended because it can really feel dull and just a repeating of slightly difficult levels, which it kind of is. The true champion of the game is the co-op with up to 4 players, the chaos created from even just 2 players and screaming at each other makes the game so much more fun.


The isn’t much to say about this small title, although it is a fun game it can get a bit boring alone but when you play with a friend you really unlock the potential of the game.

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