South Africa is going to Comic Con!

Last year, two South Africans and an Aussie decided it was time to get off their arses and promote comic books produced in SA and Australia. Artists here end up funding the entire book and then go into debt flying around attempting to sell their stuff to someone. Many of the retailers don’t want to risk selling what they consider unknown (because they’re locally produced) books.

Ray Whitcher, Moray Rhoda and Neville Howard wanted to change that, so you they applied to host a panel on Southern Hemisphere comics at the San Diego Comic Convention… and they got accepted. I had a radio show at the time and got a chance to interview Ray on his return. His stories were incredible and the amount of people at the convention who attended their panel and showed interest was incredible.


The only way to keep the momentum and new interest in Southern Hemisphere Comic Books going is, obviously, to get back to Comic Con right?

Well, the guys clearly made a big impression. They’re going back and this time, they have a prime panel slot on Saturday the 26th of July in a bigger room. We have a hint at what to expect from the panel. Last year the guys focused on local comics in a broader context but this year the plan is to narrow it down a bit more and focus on specific comics and how local creators are bringing in South African and Australian mythology, legends and culture into fantasy tales.

We can’t wait to hear all about it on the guys’ return! South Africa is going to Comic Con! 



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