Sony Xperia J

The Sony Xperia J offers some great feature at a very competitive price but is that price difference really worth it or is it better to spend that little bit more?



We are all familiar with Android and what a great OS it is but it can also be very different on different makes of phones. Sony is popular for their great TVs, consoles and quality but with the Xperia J they tried to bring that quality together with a great price. The phone offers all the feature that Android phones bring and also some extra that only comes with Sony phones.



The phone works well and has everything that you will expect to find but it does feel sluggish especially with sliding functions. I also think that the CPU is a bit weak to handle a lot of operations all at once. Although in a different price class than say the Samsung Galaxy S3, but comparing the two just makes the Sony Xperia J feel cheap, incomplete and not worth it.

The Xperia J certainly does have a place in the market but with all the other phones out there it is really tough to say why you should choose this phone over some others out there except for the Sony’s great price.

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