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Conquer Two New Dungeons and Defend the Secret Realm in Taihua Mountain by Defeating Four New Raid Bosses in Swords of Legends Online

Last month saw the release of The Firestone Legacy 2.0 Update and players crossed the Langquan Bridge to face down four fearsome opponents. Now, get ready for the latest instances to come to Swords of Legends Online.

Starting April 7, two new dungeons will welcome challengers who are heroic enough to brave their treacherous terrain:
• Jubao Residence: The home of the Toad Clan is rich with unforetold treasure and honorable warriors — a prime target for Meijia and the Demon Clan. Venture forth to Sand Island in the South Sea to help the Toad Clan protect their home.

• Wuyu Hummock Forest: Home to a cunning band of winged demons, while tranquil in appearance, warriors of legend who dare to cross the threshold will face perilous opponents lurking around every corner.

In addition, players must prepare themselves as the wrath of the demon army looms in an all-new raid. The fearsome demon Huang Yu and his Ghost Owl Clan have been trapped under the vast stretches of ice and snow under the towering Taihua Mountain. In an attempt to free Huang Yu and his clan, the demon army has launched an attack on the seal holding him. Only a brave warrior of legend can face the terrors of Taihua Mountain and restore the Ghost Owl Clan to their place of imprisonment.

Only the bravest warriors can take on Huang Yu’s four ferocious demon bosses:

• The Harpy King Xingzhu is the cruel and tyrannical commander of the Ghost Owl Clan. Beware of his deadly claws as they are all too eager to separate an opponent’s flesh from their bones. Warriors must keep their wits about them, as Xingzhu’s army is always at the ready to swarm their foes and lead them to a shred-ful demise.

• Featherless Harpy Wu Ling once stood in line to lead the Owl Clan but was defeated by the now Chief-of-Prey in combat, causing her to be stripped of her flight feathers, binding her to the land. Even without the ability to fly, she is a terrifyingly persistent opponent, with powerful and effective ground combat speed and skills.

• The Mirror Demon Jing Yuan Ji has the power to glimpse into an opponent’s future and predict their attacks — only those of great strength and quick reflexes can hope to survive this deadly encounter.

• Firebeast Liao Shan is a cruel monster inspired by hate and anger and clad in a suit of golden flame armor. This loyal leader of the Corpse King’s army can manipulate fire and will reduce even the toughest opponents to ash.

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