Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Review

The first Sniper Ghost Warrior launched in 2010 and now 9 years later, 3 games released in the series, we now have Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts focusses more on, as the name implies, contracts. You are tasks with heavy missions to take out targets with some other goals along the way. The game gives you a Hitman feel but instead in a special forces military style.

There is about 10 targets, 5 maps and 15 other contracts for you to take on and though it might sound like very little, one mission can take you hours to finish, depending on your play style. The key of the game is stealth and trying to accomplish your goals without being discovered. There is a tutorial in the beginning to teach you the basic of the game, how your riffle scope works, your advanced mask and different types of bullets and gadgets you get.

The game is designed to the reality of shooting through a scope where wind and distance affect your bullet’s trajectory but in the same sense has a bit of action and fiction in between. For instance, one bullet type you get is called DARPA that ignores distance and weather. Other types of bullets that you will get include tagging, EMP, explosive and Armour piercing which adds a great dynamic to your play. Apart from bullets you get some awesome gadgets like a riffle turret and a drone.

Graphics look beautiful with some great settings on the different maps. The controls work even though movement is not always that smooth. Climbing walls and structures could be more smooth but it is great that they added this versatility to the game allowing you more ways to cross buildings and get to places.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is an interesting idea for the series, and it works. If sniping is your gaming and stealth is your goal then you will like this game.



Story - 7.6
Graphics - 8.3
Audio - 7.9
Gameplay - 7.5
Replayability - 7.9

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