The Sims 4 Review

An enigmatic game of the ages.

The Sims has proven to be quite the new age entertainment for all ages, but have we outgrown the game or does it still have value in the market? I have only been graced to play Sims 1 & 2 back when I did not have much else to do besides be a kid but when Sims 4 was release I said I needed to check it out.

The Sims 4 1

With all the new features as opposed to way back when, this game has been thoroughly enjoyed by my family as well as myself. Your Sim can give you a good laugh with all the things they come up with and it looks a lot more realistic than those of the past. It’s great that you can already visit other places and do most things you could only do in the past when you bought the add-ons.

The menu is a bit tight to navigate but when you get the hang of it, it will all go smoothly. The lay out has been divided into its different categories more thoroughly now. You can also see all your Sim’s objectives (Thought Bubbles) in their different categories. When leaving your Sim to his/her own thing they will most likely do whatever their lowest status bar requires. Your Sim also has an Inventory now which I think is a great addition to the games and helps a lot.


The graphics is nice and clean and quite the sight. You can see the improvements made in all the details and the whole “Sims World” is mor0 believable. The online part of The Sims has been drastically improved on, you can now upload your creations, people can comment and vote on it and you can even download other creations to use for yourself, this has opened a whole new world to explore and gives that something extra to the whole experience.

Your Sim can go to the gym, library, bar and even a museum at his or her own free will. Your choices in personality will be a challenge so choose wisely because if you don’t you might just sit with a very difficult Sim. The Sims are also a lot more different depending on the aspirations that you have chosen for your Sim. They have yet again included cheats in The Sims 4 which is great as you can straight away give your Sim a whole lot of “Simoleons” to build that Dream House of yours. With building there are a massive amounts of options and styles to choose from and you will easily find yourself spending hours just building.


There are a lot more activities to do now and like my Sim you can buy a telescope and even a microscope to build up logic, unless of course you still want to play chess – well that’s up to you. There are definitely a lot more to do in The Sims 4 and it will be better to concentrate on your desired skills first rather than trying to explore everything at once. The one thing that put me off is that my Sim wanted to socialize with other Sims the whole time and it became irritating after a while, I don’t mind them wanting to socialize but there are other things that I would rather do than to spend whole days socializing with other Sims.

You can have a good giggle at your Sim as you watch them go about their day cooking, singing, dancing, talking and even being foolish with others whilst building their skill levels.

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