Sid Meyer’s Civilization VI Review

Civilization VI was first released in 2016 and had two expansion released in between, Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm. Now console players can rejoice as Civilization VI is out on PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

The console version of Civilization VI includes some scenario packs and you get some extra civilizations to play with. The Vikings Scenario Pack, Poland, Australia, Persia and Macedon Civilization & Scenario Pack are included and if you buy it on the PS4 you get Nubia, Indonesia and Khmer Civilization & Scenario Pack as well. The 2 DLC expansions Rise and Fall & Gathering Storm you will have to buy separately for R629 but they are definitely worth it.

If you are familiar with Civilization VI and have played it on the PC there is no need to redo the tutorial, as you start a game it will prompt you to ask if you are new to this series, familiar with it or new to it on console. Simply chose the new to it on console to get some tutorial tips on the controls.

The controls are something to get used to as you do not have a keyboard or mouse for fast scrolling around the map, but with the analogue sticks it makes it quite simple as well. The game adjusts the zoom level very well and will zoom in with certain actions to deliver better visuals. You can also use the L2 and R2 buttons to zoom in and out manually.

My one concern was for me to miss out on some notifications but the controls compensates for it by having a dedicated button (Square) assigned to open up your notifications panel and then you can also press triangle to get more info on the event or go to the location.

Playing multiplayer has never been so easy on consoles but to make it even better, you can now play hotseat multiplayer with this on your console. Invite a friend over for a weekend of Civilizations VI fun.

Sid Meyer’s Civilization VI is a game that you play when you want to chill and take things slow and now it is even better being able to do that from the comfort of your couch. The only downside is that you can now not watch TV while playing it but I’m sure us Techies will make a plan. I’m a huge strategy fan and was very excited to get to play this on my PS4, this will most probably eat away at my game time these holidays.



Graphics - 8.4
Audio - 8.5
Gameplay - 9
Replayability - 8.8

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