Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Game Review

For the first time in 12 years, I actually get to play Shadows of the Colossus! And I must say that I really can't believe that I missed the original or even the 2011 PS3 HD Remake. But you ask(for the guys like me that haven't played it yet) what is…

The Crit:

Story - 86%
Graphics - 94%
Audio - 89%
Gameplay - 93%
Replayability - 84%


An Instant Classic Again!

User Rating: 4.5 ( 1 votes)

For the first time in 12 years, I actually get to play Shadows of the Colossus! And I must say that I really can’t believe that I missed the original or even the 2011 PS3 HD Remake. But you ask(for the guys like me that haven’t played it yet) what is Shadows of the Colossus about? Well, your characters name is Wander(you do a lot of that in the game) and your looking at getting a young Maiden called Mono resurrected. To do all of this you must take down 16 massive(sometimes Colossus) beings simply called Colossi.

Shadow of the Colossus has a massive open world where you get time to enjoy the views, as there is nothing else to do but interact with the Colossi. There are no towns to explore or NPC’s to bug you with ridicules quests(I need one pale of milk from the cat in the other town). This is something to get used to a bit, especially if you used to games like Tomb Raider or Uncharted(they are also Action Adventure games). But after a while, you start to like the wide open space and even start to ponder life(well I did). The graphics have been redone from scratch to today’s standard and same goes for the sound design. I also hear that the control layout has been updated, to a more ergonomic feel. But for the guys that played the original back in 2005, don’t you threat as you can still play with the original layout.

If you are so lucky as to have a Playstation Pro and a 4K Tv then you in for a really awesome treat! The guys at Bluepoint Games has given you two options to play the game in. The first mode is called Cinematic mode, here you the game will play at 30fps in breathtakingly beautiful 4k quality. The other mode is the Performance mode, here the game will play at 60fps. Both modes are exclusively for the PS4 Pro. They also added a really good Camera mode, where you can pan, zoom(think almost like Nvidia’s Ansel mode) and even apply filters to your final images. The filters can also be applied to your in-game experience, so it’s not just for photos.

Overall I am really pleased with the game, I love the open vistas and minimalist feel of the game. The story is really good and pulls on just the right heartstrings, you come to feel the pain of the main character. I would recommend this to anybody that has played the original or even to anybody that hasn’t played it yet. I can already see it’s going to win more awards. This is your local mad scientist signing out…..time to try the next level in the game.

Additional Information

Reviewed on: PS4(Standard Model)
Available on: PS4
Genre: Action/Adventure
Age Rating: 12
Publisher/Developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe/Bluepoint Games and JAPAN Studio
Estimated RRP: R629
Release Date: 7 February 2018


  • I really love the wide open spaces and the whole minimalist feel of the game
  • The story in this game really tugs at the heartstrings


  • Why the hell did I miss this game when it came out?!
  • Minimalist Action Adventure games is not everybody’s scene

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