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ROG Cetra True Wireless gaming headphones is an amazing product. It is the ideal everyday earphones and portable gaming earphones with crystal clear sound. It also has three levels of active noise cancellation as well as a gaming mode. The ROG Cetra true wireless earphones also feature touch controls, which makes it easier to manage your gaming experience. It has an extensive battery life and comes with a wireless charging case.

Low Latency Wireless Audio

The low-latency wireless audio provides greater synchronization of audio and video for competitive gaming. This means no more lag in the game. If you think this device’s latency is low, wait until you activate the gaming mode. Gaming mode can be activated with a simple touch to the right earphone or via Armoury Crate. Gaming mode significantly reduces Bluetooth latency. After activating gaming mode, the latency is only 23.6% of gaming mode off. The gaming mode makes the ROG Cetra True Wireless headphones stand out above other brands.

Hybrid Active Noise Cancelation (ANC)

Featuring hybrid ANC technology, ROG Cetra true wireless lets you tune out external noise and fully immerse in the game. By blocking out unwanted noise, the headset provides a more authentic audio experience with an excellent presentation of high-frequency sounds and a clear, defined low-frequency range. With natural audio reproduction and undisturbed listening in any environment, the headset allows you to enjoy a new level of mobile gaming and entertainment. ANC can be activated on the left earphone. You can switch between heavy noise cancellation, light noise cancellation and ambient sound. The hybrid ANC is effective to cancel out any unwanted noise.

True-to-life audio

Specially tuned 10 mm ASUS Essence drivers and airtight chambers provide rich, clean sound, particularly in the mid and high-frequency range, while powerful bass lets you enjoy true-to-life audio.

Extensive battery life and wireless charging case

Enjoy up to 5 hours of use on a single charge and extend that up to 22 extra hours with the charging case. The ROG Cetra true wireless also has you covered for urgent use allowing up to 1.5 hours of usage with just 10 minutes of charging. You can quick-charge your case via a USB Type-C port or charge wirelessly with compatible 5W wireless charging surfaces. The charging case also serves as a battery indicator. The RGB lighting turns off when the battery is full, flashes blue when the battery is high and flashes red when the battery is low.

Intuitive touch controls

Simple quick-touch controls at your fingertips. With the touch control on the earphones, you can select ANC level, switch gaming mode, multi-media control and easily pick up a call.

On the left earphone:
• Tap twice to manage ANC.
• Hold for one second for the voice assistant.
• Hold for three seconds to enable pairing mode.
• Hold for five seconds to power off.

In the right earphone:
• Tap once to play/pause.
• Tap twice to fast forward.
• Tap three times to rewind.
• Tap twice to answer/hang up on a call.
• Hold for one second to reject a call.
• Hold for one second to activate gaming mode.

Pairing mode and switching the device off can be done on the left and right.

IPX4 water resistance

With a water resistance design, ROG Cetra true wireless has been rated as IPX4. No need to worry about the rain splash on the earphone.


The ROG Cetra true wireless is truly an amazing product. It is the ideal everyday earphones and portable gaming earphones. The sound is crystal clear whether you are listening to music, watching a series or playing games. The ANC works wonders when watching a series on a plane and all other unwanted external noise in any environment. The battery life is outstanding. It also charges at a fast rate. The touch controls make it very easy to manage the earphones.

The gaming mode and battery life make the ROG Cetra true wireless stand out above other brands. The gaming mode truly is a special feature. The small charging case also makes it easily portable as you can just place it in your handbag or jean pocket and be on your way. The ROG Cetra true wireless is quite comfortable. Your ears might get a bit sensitive if you wear them for long hours for 7 consecutive days. I definitely would not recommend them for jogging as it was not what it was designed for.

It is beautifully designed with a sleek and small charging case with RGB lighting at the front to indicate battery level. Inside the case, there is a ROG logo with RGB lighting. The earphones also have a thin strip of RGB lighting. The branding on the earphones is elegant and minimalistic.

The big question on everyone’s mind: Is it worth it? Absolutely. It is worth every cent. The ROG Cetra true wireless is a high-quality Asus product that is definitely value for money. Well, I am definitely buying a pair of these bad boys.
Say yes to ROG Cetra true wireless ANC gaming headphones.



Frequency response

Hidden microphone

Pick up pattern
Frequency response
Package contents


Bluetooth 5.0
20Hz – 20KHz
10 mm neodymium magnets
40 mAh, 4.5 hours battery life


100Hz – 10Khz
-38 dB
Armoury Crate mobile/ Armoury Crate
2 extra pairs of ear tips
Charging cable (60 cm)
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