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Wearable Tech! Is a huge craze these days, especially after Samsung introduced the Samsung Gear Watch. I’ve had the opportunity to take the Gear for a ride.

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In my opinion wearable tech is not nearly where it should be to be considered useful but I was willing to give the Gear a go to see what exactly these watches can do and what you can actually do with it and most importantly is it a gimmick or will you actually use it.
First off here are some specs for the Samsung Gear:

(Taken from Samsung’s Website)
  • Form Factor

    • Metal Front, Color Body


    • Customized Android™


    • WEIGHT – 2.60 oz

    • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS (INCHES) – 1.45″ (w) x 2.23″ (H) x 0.44″ (D)

    Compatible Devices

    • COMPATIBLE DEVICES: Note 3, AT&T Galaxy S 4 Active, Sprint Galaxy S 3, Boost Galaxy S 3, Virgin Mobile Galaxy S 3, AT&T Galaxy S4, AT&T Note 2, U.S. Cellular Note 2, Sprint Note 2, Sprint Galaxy S4, U.S. Cellular Galaxy S4, Verizon Galaxy S4, U.S. Cellular Galaxy S3, and AT&T Galaxy S3 Device compatibility updates


    • 1.9MP Auto Focus


    • 315 mAh Lithium Ion


    • 4GB + 512MB (RAM)


    • BLUETOOTH 4.0


    • 800MHz


    • 1.63″ Super AMOLED®  320 x 320 Resolution


    • HD 720p Recording

Samsung Gear Box

As you can see this device is quite powerful and offers some interesting features for a watch. The Gear is very easy to setup, it uses NFC to connect via Bluetooth to your phone. The sad thing though is that your phone’s Bluetooth has to be on the whole time to talk to the watch and Bluetooth still consumes a lot of battery power even on the latest model phones.

The camera is not to bad on the watch and you can capture photos without people noticing but it does make a shutter sound that might give you away. Here are some photos taken with the watch:






The Samsung Gear 2 has a better processor and I reckon will work a bit better than the first and now you also get the Gear Fit. The Gear Fit doesn’t have a camera and is more focused for the active person that will use the pedometer functions more. The Fit’s design is much better looking for me as the normal Samsung Gear watches can feel a bit bulky. There a different colour straps to choose from to your liking but this will also depend on stock availability.

Wearable Tech is still fairly new and abviously it will take them some time to see what works and what doesn’t. I cannot wait to see what they will think of next and wearable tech will take us.

I wore the Samsung Gear for about 3 weeks. Within the first week I played as lot with all the features of the watch but as time went on I started using it less and less, by the last week I only used the watch to tell the time. So for me personally wearable tech is not something I will get now, but it does have some great features and if you use those feature in your everyday life then you should consider looking into the Gear.

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