ROG Theta 7.1 Review

. So the ROG Theta 7.1 is Asus Republic of Gamers Flagship headset, and it’s easy to see why.

With True 7.1 Surround Sound driven by eight Asus Essence drivers and virtual subwoofers, paired with an Asus AI Noise-Cancelling MIC, These have got to be the best headphones for gaming I have ever tested. 

The headset itself was made incredibly well and you don’t get the flimsy feel that you do with most headsets on the market today. They spared no expense in the design of the Theta 7.1.

The earcups are made of a specialized fast cooling fabric allowing you to have the headset on your head just that little bit longer. It connects to your pc using USB – Type C, This also means you can connect it up to your PS5, MAC, And Nintendo Switch.

he default sound setup is good however being able to tweak it using the Armoury Crate software takes it to a whole new level. This allows you to fine-tune all the audio profiles to your exact liking, whether you need more clarity or simply need to pump up the bass.

Circling back to Clarity, The Theta 7.1 is both Discord and Teamspeak Certified, This makes sure that whenever you enter a discord lobby you know you won’t ever have any issues hearing your teammates or vice versa.


Final thoughts: If you want a really great gaming headset and are willing to spare no expense, I’d highly recommend the Theta 7.1’s, The build quality is amazing on these and the true 7.1 surround sound has saved my ingame life more times than I could count. For any FPS player this is an amazing headset that will secure you that KDA boost.

Where to buy?

Everyshop – Rog Theta R5899

Incredible Connection – Rog Theta R5299

Both of the above links do come with a 3 Year Warranty on the headset, for Peace of mind.


  • 7.1 Sounds absolutely incredible
  • The headset's build quality was made to last, something you dont find easily these days


  • Cable is joined in the middle, feels very weird putting on and taking off the headset
  • Music quality isn't that great, albeit headset was made for 7.1 gaming


Comfortability - 8
Build Quality - 10
Affordability - 6
Sound Quality - 8
Aesthetics - 9

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