Riot Games’ “FUUUUU!…SION.!..HAAA!” of all things FPS


Riot games has released a preview for their up and coming Valorant.

In this trailer there are many tidbits that one can pick up and make some safe guesses around the game, however, there are also a few things that just don’t seem to be that straight forward.

The breakdown seem to be that of a hybrid of all things FPS, from tactical shooters like CS:GO to team-based multiplayer first-person shooter’s like Overwatch. In the trailer we see the use of purchasing, a concept we are more than aware of at this point in gaming, however, it looks to us like you can purchase items for teammates, which could be primary weapons, side arms, shields or abilities.There is mention of purchasing a specific weapon because the ultimate ability of the character is ready, does this mean that there are combo’s that work based on every aspect from your character’s ability to the weapon you use in conjunction with it? So many unanswered questions.

The few things we do know seem to be covered pretty well in the video. The game is a team-based tactical shooter with no room for Run and Gun, you get one live and one chance to plant or defend the bomb; whether or not the modes will expand to something like Headquarters in Call of Duty we will have to wait and see. The few creators that have got to play the game have shared some thoughts and views on Riots vision for Valorant, however, thee has been nothing concrete like a road-map to release.

Honestly, I am just excited at the chance to experience another Tactical FPS that could potentially go the way of eSports, the game looks to ave all the qualities of a competitive title and we look forward to seeing where it goes from here.

What we do know:

  • Free to Play
  • No Release date as yet
  • PC Release Only (No talks of future console versions)
  • Well Optimized – High Setting running easily on a 1050ti
  • 128-tick servers (First of its kind for any-play casual FPS servers)
  • High Concentration on Cheat Engines and Hit Reg


The character information below was syphoned from the gameplay footage released by Riot Games

  • Phoenix
    • Hot Hands
    • Curveball
    • Blaze
    • Ult Ability – Run it Back


  • Jett
    • Cloudburst
    • Updraft
    • Tailwind
    • Ult Ability – Blade Storm

  • Sage
    • Slow Orb
    • Barrier Orb
    • Healing Orb
    • Ult Ability – Resurrect.

  • Sova
    • Shock Bolt
    • Owl Drone
    • Recon Bolt
    • Ult Ability – Hunter’s Fury

  • Viper
    • Snakebite
    • Poison Cloud
    • Toxic Screen
    • Ult Ability – Viper’s Pit

  • Cypher
    • Trapwire
      Cyber Cage
      Ult Ability – Neural Theft

  • Brimstone
    • Incendiary
    • Stim Beacon
    • Sky Smoke
    • Ult Ability – Orbital Strike
    • No Character Model as yet for Brimestone
  • Omen
    • Paranoia
    • Shadow Walk
    • Dark Cover
    • Ult Ability – From the Shadows
    • No Character Model as yet for Omen

Jump over to the Video tab to have a look at the Trailer for Valorant and leave some comments down below to let us know what you think about the pre-alpha footage.

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