RIDE 4 Review

So this is probably the first Bike Sim game I’ve played in years. Many games have tried to emulate the same feeling that you get from playing racer sim games like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport but none have come as close as Ride has.

The game feels and plays exactly like it should as a Bike simulator game, Perhaps a bit too good. I found myself struggling with the games difficulty in the beginning as the penalty system null and voided my lap times on many an occasion before I finally made target and got to start playing the game. The game makes use of a License system the same that you used to get in Gran Turismo, Upon finishing your laps and achieving licenses you finally get to begin your Journey in whichever region you choose. The game has Regions in Europe, Asia and the US. You’ll spend the beginning of your career in those regions on Circuit tracks.

Outside of the career mode you able to choose any course and bike for quick race which I found myself doing often to be able to get bearing for new career mode tracks.


The bikes themselves use a realistic physics model. This affects the stability with every minor movement you make on the bike. Thankfully the game also has a rewind system for the many many crashes you’ll be faced with during gameplay.


The games graphics and sound have been greatly improved from previous iterations of the ride series and there is a free upgrade planned for owners on Xbox One and PS4 To the Series x and PS5 Consoles which should make the game look even better.


Final Thoughts

Milestones Ride 4 is a welcome addition for Bike Sim fans despite the difficulty curve the game throws at you. I’d strongly suggest this game for any lovers of Bike Sim games.


  • Huge Career mode
  • Looks and sounds amazing


  • Very hard for newcomers
  • Penalties are super sensitive


Story - 6
Graphics - 10
Audio - 10
Gameplay - 5
Replayability - 10

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