Thrustmaster T-3PM Review

Thrustmaster T-3PM are based on the same Model as the T-3PA but instead of using the potentiometers they made use of their new H.E.A.R.T technology, in simple terms, it registers pedal inputs with Magnets giving more precision that would not deteriorate over time, except for the Brake pedal having various springs with different loads to get the best feel for the driver behind them.

The T-3PM is mostly made out of plastic to reduce cost along with 100% metal pedal heads, the feel overall of the pedals feels smoother and does take some getting used to initially, the pedal heads itself does not feel as comfortable as some of the other pedals on the market.
A downside to the pedals is that they come with RJ-12 connectors that would fit into a variety of Thrustmaster steering wheels, but would require you to get an RJ-12 to USB Adapter if you want to use these as a stand-alone unit, especially given that these pedals are sold separately and without a steering wheel.

The pedals function great when situated on the ground provided that they do not have much grip at the bottom of them, which could lead to them sliding if used on Tiles instead of a carpet or in a Sim Racing Setup. Furthermore, due to the brake pedal having the spring at the back the pressure required to fully brake the vehicle will lift the entire base unless your heel is kept on the platform of the throttle pedal, giving the feeling that it would function better when used in a rig instead of being situated on the floor.

Final Thoughts: Fantastic that it works all over the majority of the consoles available on the market today and has a USB adapter to allow it to work as a stand-alone unit, build quality is good and gives you peace of mind knowing that it’s not potentiometers that could end up getting dirty and therefore giving off incorrect inputs. Would recommend this to anyone looking into getting started with a bit more decent entry-level gear but would advise to rather use these on a Sim Rig Setup instead of the floor.

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  • Plug and Play with RJ-12 to USB Adapter
  • Works with multiple steering wheels
  • Compatible with Multiple Consoles and PC


  • USB Adapter not included
  • Additional Loaded springs for Brake Pedal not included
  • Need a Sim Racing Seat to have the best feel with the pedals



Build Quality
Ease of Setup