Sengoku Dynasty

What a beautiful game, honestly, this is the standard we expect from games nowadays and they fully delivered with this game. Now that I have gotten that out of my system let’s talk about the game itself.

Sengoku Dynasty is a mix of genres consisting of open-world RPG, City builder, life simulation, and survival, what is better than this? That’s pretty easy to answer, being able to enjoy this with your friends on secured servers with randomly generated passwords that can be used to filter out to only show the server you have the password for, sounds simple but made a big difference when having to search for specific servers.

Washing up on an island looking for peace instead of war and living under a war-driven emperor, the people on this island seek a new beginning away from all the carnage around us, as it currently stands we are facing the odd bandits wandering around, the bandit camp asking for payment (I personally would rather go to war, resources are a luxury) and mostly boars that kills me more than anything else.

The gameplay is relatively simple, you start off building basic tools and having people join your village which you need to provide a house, once they have a house you can start assigning them tasks to help with food, water, medication, maintenance, and the list only grows bigger the bigger your dynasty becomes.

Along with established villages which you help by doing quests or repairing structures to increase your relationship and Dynasty level there are also shires which will give you boosts such as stamina or speed, these blessings will require you to provide the statue with an offering, and they are also hidden in the beautiful feudal Japan environment.

The crafting and building system has a satisfying feeling to it when big projects are complete, and having to build structures piece by piece instead of just throwing a massive house down out of nowhere when you have the materials.

The game gives you an option for playing the game from a First or 3rd person perspective to help suit everyone’s needs.

In the game, you will also find seasons and years similar to IRL, from what we can see the seasons are mainly for project progress and completion and you will experience a cinematic once it’s done, we have also noticed that some seasons will increase the spawn rate of specific animals, for instance, I do not often see boars spawn in winter compared to summer.

During early access and the 1st couple of patches that came out, the game does have bugs, we can’t expect a perfect game on release, especially in the genre this game is in, but the devs are open about communication and helping the community improve, patch, and maintain the enjoyment for everyone.

The Audio and Graphics in this game are second to none in its genre, utilizing Unreal Engine 5 the older graphic cards do struggle a bit, especially on launching or joining a session, there are some bugs where the trees that you are chopping off might glitch out a little bit when they fell but once again, if Superkami and Toplitz find these type of inconsistencies they will fix it ASAP so some of you who are reading this might never even experience some of the issues we experienced.

The gameplay itself gave us sleepless nights, accidentally playing this game till 4 AM only to realize we have to work the next day, up to a certain point in your Dynasty you can start feeling overwhelmed very quickly if you progress too fast and the resources start becoming a problem, when playing this game rather be the turtle than the rabbit.

Final Thoughts: For the price the game goes for currently it feels like a steal, I almost want to advise everyone to get this game before there might be a price increase! Of course the Devs won’t do that but that is just how much fun I have had in this game, progressing too fast and low-end PCs might be a bit more frustrating and cause some players to not enjoy the game as much as others might

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  • Great Audio that you can hear every detail of the environment
  • Unreal Engine is the future of graphics
  • Active dev team patching and updating the game frequently
  • Great tutorials in the early stages of the game as you progress


  • Progressing too fast can make the game feel overwhelming
  • Some projects will cause your resources to be a 2nd priority
  • Low end PCs might struggle with Loading and rendering