Dead Space (2023) Review

How long should it take before you make a Remake of a game?

Well, Dead Space seems to have found the answer, 15 Years. Dead Space 2023 Is a full remake – Not Remaster of the original entry to the dead space series that we all know and love.

Dead space has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and now uses the Frostbite engine for that crisp yet horrifying graphic upgrade that is sure to be a tad demanding on all current-gen hardware.

Dead space has been reinterpreted in a perfect shot-by-shot story, The basic beats that make up the original game’s narrative remain intact, starting with your fateful arrival on the USG Ishimura. After responding to a distress signal, you find the planet cracker-class ship floating lifelessly above the planet of Aegis VII. Once on board, things take a turn downhill, and thus begins your story aboard the USG Ishumura. Albeit, now with newly added side quests and brand new trophy unlocks just to make the story a little longer than what it used to be. Isaac now also has a voice and is played by the same Voice actor for both dead space 2 and 3. This gives much-needed life to a very silent Isaac and brings new emotion to the game itself. I generally am not a fan of silent protagonists as they feel to be a lot less emotion, so I’m thankful that Motive has done this change for Isaac, There is however always a risk that the Character could feel too chatty and this wouldn’t work in a game with an atmosphere like Dead Space, Thankfully Motive has also ensured that this is not the case and Isaac only has serious dialogue benefitting the story itself.

All of the weapons and suit upgrades that we know from the original game have made a return and look better than ever in 4K. If you managed to nab a copy of the Digital Deluxe Upgrade you will also find that you will get access to 7 different suit skins in your inventory, accessible at any Shop throughout the game.

Final Thoughts:

I went into this game excited that I was able to replay one of the best Cult Classic horror games from my childhood And let me tell you, it runs and feels exactly how I remember it just with modern graphics and gameplay. If you ever loved the original Dead Space this is definetely a game not to be missed.

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