Vampire in the Garden Review

Vampire in the Garden is an Original Net Animation (ONA) that consists of five episodes of 26 minutes each by WIT Studios.

The narrative follows the two main characters, Momo, whose mother is a higher up in the human military, and Fine, who is the vampire queen. Both characters are forced into positions of social expectation that they wish they could break away from and experience true freedom. Neither is interested in fighting in the ages-long war between humans and vampires. The two main characters meet in a chance encounter and decide to run away together to a placed of legend which is rumored to be a society where humans and vampires co-exist.

As an avid enjoyer of vampire animes such as Rosario to Vampire, Hellsing, Dance in the Vampire Bund, Vampire Knight, Kurozuka, Haukuouki, and Sengoku Night Blood, this anime was refreshing with a new concept and quite enjoyable. The story weaves a delicate narrative of searching for hope, even though all odds are stacked against the main characters. The narrative blends the literal and figurative coldness of the world they live in with the warmth Momo and Fine come to share and crafts a memorable beautiful sadness that is sure to leave an impact.

Alongside the two main characters are well-developed side characters, with enough depth to be relevant, from their supporting factions who will stop at nothing to return the two main characters back where they belong. Their methods and motivations of these characters range from genuine concern to cold-hearted manipulation, but each has a sense of authenticity.

The narrative relies on a series of excellently composed montages to keep the story moving forward, and these montages do a lot of heavy lifting. Not only do they pace the narrative, but are also used in a way that contributes to the development of the personalities and relationship between Momo and Fine. This series splendidly illustrates the growth these two main characters experience.

As well as delivering on the story’s somber sides, the visual presentation also does a great job of delivering the moments of warmth and love between the two main characters. Whilst rarer than the moments of pain and struggle, WIT Studios does a spectacular job of making sure they shine just as brightly. These moments of laughter and joy are what keep Momo and Fine motivated in pursuing their goals, even when facing the world that has turned against them. This series is an emotional roller-coaster and will have you in tears as well as moments that will give that warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

This is the anime for you if you’re looking for a dramatic story with characters struggling desperately to defeat their odds in a cold world. It is truly a story worth experiencing!

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  • Gorgeous illustrations and world building
  • Characters that live up to your emotional investment


  • Only five episodes
  • Some viewers may consider it too gory



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