Horimiya Review

Horimiya is an anime adaptation, by CloverWorks, of the self-published Web Manga series written and illustrated by Hiroki Adachi and spans across 13 episodes of 23 minutes each.

The narrative sees Horimiya and Miyamura acknowledge each other’s existence through a chance encounter, while neither have much of a social life this encounter leads them into spending more time with each other. The more they get to know each other, the more they realize how much in common they have and how much they enjoy each other’s company and the level of comfort they feel in each other’s presence. As their circle expands to include a couple more characters their love story unfolds.

Following the characters along through the narrative is an investment of time as the viewer witnesses some real character growth. At first Miyamura presents himself as somewhat of a mystery as he is quiet and introverted, he is averted to school, cliques, and social expectations. Essentially, he is depressed and the reason for this is expressed through flashbacks of his dark past. His character immediately grabs the viewer’s attention as he is covered in tattoos and piercings and yet to everyone around him at school he seems like an average wallflower who blends into the background, but leaves the viewer with many questions. With the help of Horimiya, Miyamura is able to overcome his past trauma and both characters blossom.

While the narrative is based on a range of clichés the relationship between Horimiya and Miyamura felt genuine and it progressed naturally. With the addition of comedy this series made for a heartwarming and wholesome watch. This is a finely polished series and while romance may not necessarily appeal to everyone the viewer can still look forward to great character art, bright lighting, realistic backgrounds, and amazing animation. So, if you’re in need of a “feel good” watch for that warm, fuzzy feeling inside, Horimiya comes highly recommended.

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  • Wholesome and enjoyable, refreshing to watch
  • Brilliant animation


  • The narrative is based off a range of clichés
  • The romantic and dramatic developments can be confusing



Character Development