Orient Review

Orient is an anime adaptation, by A.C.G.T, of the Japanese Manga series written by Shinobu Ohtaka and spans across 12 episodes of 23 minutes each.

Orient is a fantasy adventure that takes place in a historical period, whereas in an alternative concept the “heroes” are shunned by society, and the “demons” are praised. The narrative introduces the two main characters as being childhood friends but having grown up in very different circumstances. Both have faced adversity and find solace in each other and their shared interest in swordplay and the legendary samurai known as Bushi.

The two main characters balance each other out well. While Musashi is a determined, confident character who faces everything head on, Kojiro on the other hand is more passive and thoughtful. They are later joined by Tsugumi who is a complete wild card. She is lead out of a rather toxic situation by Musashi and Kojiro. Together they face various difficulties and the narrative focuses on concepts of staying true to yourself, how friendship can make you stronger, and strength in numbers or unity, not only is this portrayed through how this trio fights together as a team, but also through how the Bushi (samurai) band together in thousands to slay the demons known as Oni.

Orient packs everything you would expect from a shounen anime such as tragedy, backstories, flashbacks, a couple of fight scenes, and situations that lead the main characters into growing stronger. The narrative presents some mystery as not much is shared regarding Musashi’s parents, and there are some odd occurrences linking back to Kojiro’s father who was a Bushi but has since passed away. Musashi has proven to be quite OP, but the secrets to his power, how he got it, and the inner workings thereof have not yet been revealed. The trio have also faced off against other OP characters and by the end of the first season are setting of with various objectives in mind.

Orient has demonstrated some interesting world-building such as flying castles and almost sci-fi themes and presented likable and relatable characters. The general mood isn’t too serious and the narrative will have you rooting for the main characters. I look forward to seeing what the next season brings as the first season has produced a good introduction for where this narrative could go and shows colorful potential.

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  • Interesting world building
  • Likeable characters
  • Great visuals


  • Some viewers may feel that some of the characters are unrealistically OP
  • The outro music may not appeal to all viewers



Character Development