Razer Blackwidow V4 Pro

Razer has introduced the BlackWidow V4 Pro mechanical keyboard as its inaugural V4 product, setting a benchmark for the opulence the V4 lineup is expected to exhibit.

The keyboard’s qualities read like a catalog of distinguished features, including its Doubleshot ABS keycaps, an 8,000Hz hyper-polling rate, eight dedicated macro keys, and an awe-inspiring RGB lighting setup. With a price tag of R4799, it’s undoubtedly an investment, yet dedicated gamers will likely find its offerings well worth the cost. The V4 Pro presents itself as a substantial full-sized keyboaRD. Its substantial size necessitates ample space for use, making it a bit of a spatial commitment. For reference, it’s 2 centimeters wider than its predecessor, the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro. With the wrist rest attached, the weight comes in at over a kilogram, a factor that might concern gamers accustomed to lugging their keyboards to LAN parties, Although Besides NAG Lan @ rAge (Tickets now available) Who really Lans anymore?

For those with sufficient space, the V4 Pro delivers a luxury experience across a range of computer activities, from gaming to navigating Windows, and even extended hours of spreadsheet work.

Why? Razer has infused the V4 Pro with its premier technologies, and this fact is readily apparent. For example, the keys boast delicately sculpted concave tops, allowing your fingertips to comfortably and securely rest without slipping off. Each keycap is illuminated with per-key RGB lighting, and they’re constructed as Doubleshot, featuring lettering beneath a coating that ensures it remains intact even after prolonged use. As for the switches, the V4 Pro offers Razer’s finest choices – Green (Clicky) or Yellow (Linear) full-sized mechanical switches, both designed to withstand a remarkable 100 million key presses. The two switch variants slightly differ in response and feel. The Yellow switches are touted to be quieter and smoother, with an actuation point situated 1.2mm above the keyboard and requiring 45g of actuation force. Conversely, the Green switches possess a higher 1.9mm actuation point and demand 50g of force, catering to those aiming to prevent accidental keystrokes.

In terms of layout, the V4 Pro is comprehensive, featuring nearly everything but the proverbial kitchen sink in terms of keys. It includes a set of four media buttons and eight macro keys – the latter being a new addition compared to the V3 Pro, and sure to appeal to MMO gamers.

Five of these macro keys form a neat row labeled M1-M5 on the keyboard’s far left side, while an additional trio is positioned on the left side of the chassis. The V4 Pro’s Command Dial is a standout feature – tall and joystick-like, it’s located in the top-left corner (repositioned from its location in the V3 Pro). The dial supports up to eight programmable functions, with four ready for use by default. Razer’s downloadable Synapse software facilitates customization, allowing users to assign or modify commands and tweak the functions of the Command Dial. Although remapping the Command Dial isn’t possible, users can activate an extra four functions that are initially disabled. The RGB indicator colors of the dial can also be personalized for easy function identification.

Razer Synapse also facilitates the setup and editing of the five onboard profiles, as well as seamless switching between saved configurations. It’s important to note that these profiles are locked within Synapse and cannot be exported elsewhere. The BlackWidow V4 Pro, replete with numerous RGB lighting zones, is ideal for customization in Razer’s Chroma Studio. This platform empowers users to craft distinct lighting effects and colors for keys, and even assign specific effects or color combinations to individual games. Those who possess other Razer Chroma RGB products can synchronize lighting across their devices, creating captivating light displays.

Investing R4799 in a keyboard – the current price of the V4 Pro – is a notable commitment, prompting a rigorous assessment of its performance and value. Fortunately, the V4 Pro manages to match its price point with its capabilities.

The keyboard offered a plethora of key options catering to various gaming and working requirements. The generous size of the keyboard also enabled a more natural key location compared to smaller alternatives, offering added comfort during gaming sessions. The RGB lighting consistently delivered a visually captivating experience, while the media controls – improved over the V3 Pro – efficiently managed various media programs.

However, the most remarkable aspect of the V4 Pro was undoubtedly its macro keys. These keys paralleled the Razer Naga V3 Pro’s mouse buttons in offering diverse options for binding spells or commands, proving indispensable for gameplay.

Despite its efficacy in MMOs, the V4 Pro also proves itself in other gaming genres. With its rapid 8,000Hz hyper-polling rate, the keyboard delivers nearly instantaneous key actuation, perfect for fast-paced FPS gaming. Titles like Insurgency, as well as those within the Rainbow Six, Battlefield, or Call of Duty series, benefit from the V4 Pro’s rapid deployment.

Adapting to the V4 Pro’s configuration took some initial adjustment, particularly when transitioning from a different keyboard layout. The Green switch variant provided quick and responsive keys, with an audible click that was satisfying and prompted repeated presses. For extended typing sessions, however, the Green switches lack the cushioning comfort found in the Yellow switches of the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro. This slight drawback didn’t significantly impact gaming on the review unit as we got the Yellow Version with our review.

The V4 Pro’s chassis, regardless of the chosen switches, is well-suited for gaming. The exterior feels robust, thanks to the unyielding aluminum alloy plate.

The plush leatherette wrist rest added to the overall experience of the V4 Pro, offering softness and enhancing the immersive RGB underglow – a detail that elevates the visual appeal of the gaming setup.

In conclusion, the BlackWidow V4 Pro stands out as a premium gaming keyboard with substantial capabilities.

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