MotoGP™22 Review

What F1 is to some fans in the world, MotoGP is to the other portion of the world, but did MotoGP22 fail or meet our expectations as it was the 1st MotoGP to be made without Valentino Rossi aka The Doctor?

To start MotoGP22 has what we enjoy most from this franchise which is an extensive Career mode which you can start in Moto3 or with your own Team completely, but with a bonus for those who want to see it made more realistic with managers and engineers which you can also sign with. Each person has their own specialists or area of expertise meaning that you would have to think and consider before just signing your chances away from landing that big deal with Repsol or not gaining that tenth of a second needed to win a championship.

Other than this and easily the most noticeable mode added to the game is the scenarios you get to visit from the 2009 MotoGP races, similar to what Cricket used to offer for the Ashes scenarios, except on 2 wheels. Unfortunately, the weather cannot be mimicked entirely for these scenarios as there is no dynamic weather in MotoGP22 meaning that we cannot have sunshine on a wet track simulation the change from a wet track to a dry track, but this does not take away from reliving some of our favourite moments.

Other than the weather when you do fall off your bike you can either choose to rewind, or run towards your bike and pick it up from the ground for a better simulation feeling. The controls would feel similar to those staying faithful to the series but could have a learning curve for the new player trying to get into it for the 1st time, luckily there is an extensive tutorial to help make the game as comfortable for you as possible.

The Audio feels nostalgic and does wake up the inner biker in me longing for the days I spent with my Suzuki. When comparing the graphics to previous versions of the series the bikes and players look beautiful and the wet tracks looks spotless.

The features that I felt were worth waiting to mention last were the features that made the biggest impact for me, bike handling has been made more stable and less prone to throw you off without making it inaccurate. Another feature worth mentioning is for those who do not enjoy and feel like the racing lines do not always provide the best line, braking and acceleration points have been added as an option where you will have a red/blue marker next to the track indicating the ideal breaking and acceleration time for the corner.

Final Thoughts: Overall it is hard to find fault in a series such as MotoGP and each would have their own opinions, newer players might not enjoy the way the bikes handle and complain that the controls feel delayed, while others might feel that the crowd in the stands could have been done better possibly, from what we have experienced this is a great overall improvement of MotoGP21 and the only thing we feel is missing from the game is having dynamic weather for the races.

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  • Beautiful wet track graphics
  • Game can keep you busy for hours
  • Relive your favorite moments of 2009
  • Career mode just keeps on getting better


  • There is a learning curve for new players
  • No online ranking system as of yet