Metroid Dread Review

Metroid Dread is the latest game in the Metroid series that has spanned generations of Nintendo devices. Metroid Dread is a side-scrolling Adventure-Platformer (they even have a fancy name for this type of game called Metroidvania), where you, as Samus Aran explore the planet ZDR where you will face your deadliest opponents yet! As with most of the side scrolling games like Metroid Dread, you loose all your abilities and will only have your basic cannon. As you progress through the levels/areas and defeat the E.M.M.I’s you will start to unlock new abilities that will help you to progress further in the game, you would even be able to go back to previous levels/areas and get powerup’s that was “locked away” for you (due to a skill you didn’t have at the time).

Your biggest opponent (next to the Boss in the Area) is the E.M.M.I’s (Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifiers), these robot’s where originally dispatched to Planet ZDR by the Galactic Federation due to a video evidence that they received. They naturally lost all communications with these robots(there are 7 of them in total). What makes these robots so hectic is that they are almost indestructible and the only way to kill them is to use Samus “Omega Blaster”. You can only get this blaster (as it’s not a permanent blaster) once you destroyed a Central Unit. Luckily you do get a permanent upgrade once you defeated a E.M.M.I.

The E.M.M.I’s can be a tricky bunch to get past, as they can hear/feel you walking around. So you have to walk slow (this takes some practice…O how many times I died), this will then not alert them as they patrol near your area or you have to stand still completely. You can try and stun them, but this takes timing(just like walking slow). The areas can get exciting if you still have the E.M.M.I’s left, once you have taken out the robot then you can freely check out the whole area you have unlocked.

Another way to hide from the E.M.M.I’s is to fight the first boss. The boss fights in Metroid Dread is intense(well for me that is) as they have a multistage attack, but again with timing and taking a hit or two you can get past the boss. I found that the boss battles make you think more and it can be a bit frustrating sometimes, however, I do find it refreshing and it makes me come back, again and again, to try and win the battle (after I was killed and switched off the Switch because I was frustrated). When the Boss falls (or even the E.M.M.I) it can feel very rewarding as I can say I defeated the boss!

Overall I was very pleased with Metroid Dread. I really love classic platformers and Metroid Dread ticks all the boxes when it comes to this genre! It has puzzles galore, boss and mini-boss fights that make you think. There are no annoying help levels and you only have one setting the game plays at and I love it. Metroid Dread is by far the best platformer I played in a while and I would say that it will be my game of the year in the platformer section.

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