LEGO® Star Wars™: The Skywalker Saga Review

Its been a little while since we were last able to play a Lego Star Wars game, The last one in the series being Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So I was pretty excited to get an opportunity to play The Skywalker Saga which releases tomorrow on April 5th.

The newest entry brings with it tons of new content, Story and Adventure.

It also brings the complete Star Wars Story, From all nine of the Major Films, all into the Lego brick form that we know and love.

You start the game off by choosing which opening episode of your favorite Trilogy you’d like to play. I myself chose The Force Awakens as I loved playing the story in the last edition of the game.

Immediately as you start you can view the differences between the 2016 game and this new 2022 version. Gone are the old viewpoints that almost make it a platformer, in with the new over the shoulder 3rd person view. This already changes the game and graphics to beautiful new heights. Being able to play all nine of the major titles in complete full three dimensional view is just breathtaking. The characters are also now fully voice acted, no more almost “Sims” like mumbling. The dialogue itself has been recreated from scratch and includes dozens of humorous jokes and references. The score and sound design also seem to have been completely recreated, from the moment you very first boot up the game and get to see your favorite scenes from the series as almost a trailer for what is yet to come in the game itself.

The games combat system has also been reworked. Finding myself able to perform combo attacks and multi-stage boss fights was refreshing, it didn’t feel as simplistic as the previous Lego Star Wars entries.

The game is also completely Couch Co-op Playable. Being able to sit with your player 2 and enjoy the whole saga on the same screen felt absolutely brilliant. This coupled with the fact that there are now hundreds of playable characters, over 100 side missions, 45 completely open world levels and over 700 puzzles means you’ll not easily get tired or bored of the game.

Every planet, and there are 20 in total has been reworked to allow you to play and progress through open world stories. Each of these open world areas could take hours to completely finish as there are dozens of side quests, hundreds of collectibles and a new currency called “Kyber Bricks” that allows you to purchase upgrades.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is probably the best entry in the series so far, and its incredibly easy to see why with all these changes.

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  • Great Couch Co-op
  • Completely reworked gameplay


  • No Online Co-op
  • Random Camera issues