Everspace 2

Back on August August 2021, we got exciting news about the Khaït Nebula Teaser and the prototype access before that and we have to admit, this game has matured into a work of art with enough game time to keep you playing for hours at end.

If we look at the number of features already added on release we can only thank the devs for not taking the route of other games saying that this is a post-beta phase game with over 120 hours of gameplay, we at GES love to consider the amount of hours you get from the price, Everspace with this aspect alone is already more than worth the price that’s on the game.

We are looking at roughly 50 hours of the main campaign available in both English and German, then easily another 100 hours on side quests and exploration. The different star systems have their own security forces and depending on your actions some regions will strengthen their security to try and keep you in check.

The ship customization and the amount of “attachments” for your ship are where I ended up spending most of my time and at times forgetting about everything else other than improving my ship or getting enough credits for the new tier Gunship which I have found to be my preferred ship type.

With the game having 9 playable ship subclasses and 4 tiers of each you can find your own style to combat with from mobile fighters to tank-type ships such as the Gunship. Further from the last time we played the game a lot of new items have been included in the game as well such as additional weapons, perks, and attachments to your ship.

The audio which we felt might have left players wanting a bit more in the beta phase has been improved on and made it in such a way that it is not just 1 boring conversation after another but that it actually keeps you engaged and even entertained, especially when HIVE starts giving their 2 cents about a situation as an AI.

Continuing the story from Everspace you are still the clone called Adam BUT instead of where you die then respawn as another clone, you are more “human” so to speak as you are no more clones left other than you.

One thing that we can mention with regards to the development of the game is that it became a lot more difficult even on the lower difficulties, so do not skip side quests and missions and spend time on your ship if you do not want to have a Dungeon crawler-type game.

Final Thoughts: Comparing the released version to the previous versions all we can say is thank you to Rockfish Games for listening to the feedback to make this game even better than anticipated, the story feels engaging with the best graphics when destroying enemy ships to adding ship customization which one might not think is needed until you have it, some players might feel that the story is a bit too difficult if they are looking to focus on the main story and finish the game before tackling the side quests

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  • Visually stunning
  • Good value to price
  • Everything is an improvement from early access


  • Not all players might enjoy the Comic type cutscenes
  • Some players might find the game too difficult