Cricket 22 Review

Big Ant Studios took on a game that might have been forgotten by many, but they did not disappoint, providing us with not just an engaging story but with an online mode as well.

Cricket 22 is a cricket game based on the 2021-2022 Ashes Series of Cricket and the sequel to Cricket 19 with a Career mode like Be A Pro in the more popular games such as Madden or FIFA which has a great story and takes extremely long to make it to the top.

You do not start with the top teams, then half the fun would be gone, you start from a local club and to my surprise they had the suburbs correct on the game along with the pronunciation, above all the pronunciation of the names and surnames of the players are also pronounced correctly.

This does not sound like a big deal, but for South African players it means a lot as our country isn’t often an option in the majority of the games and having this small thing included does make it feel real to us and we all appreciate it.

To make the game even more realistic the umpires can make mistakes, or they can be unsure, as a bowler you can by appealing to the umpire, possibly sway their decision when they are unsure if it was a wicket or not.

On to gameplay, I appreciate Big Ant Studios going the extra mile in the tutorial by not going over just the mechanics but explaining the rules and why what you are being taught is important. Controls are easy to understand and more accurate than some of the players might realize.

For the females interested in cricket, this is not just a male sport, Big Ant Studios included female squads in the game for you to recreate yourself on the game and make your way to the top as well.

Audio-wise it is overall good, although it would have been a nice add on having commentators from the relevant country and accents broadcast the local games, when it comes to Graphics it feels and looks like it needs a bit more work, almost to the point that you could say it feels as if the game is still in Beta.

Usually, with Cricket games you could realize a pattern and follow it to outwit the AI, from my experience has not been a case that makes the game more intense and enjoyable for longer.

Final Thoughts: Haven’t enjoyed and spent this amount of time on a cricket game for a while, the smaller details such as the countries and suburbs felt great seeing for your own country. Audio and gameplay are up to standard and easy to understand if you pay attention to the tutorial. The Video aspect though feels like it was closer to the bottom of the list of priorities for the developers of which I am sure they will fix going forward.

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  • Career mode will keep you busy for hours
  • AI does not follow a specific pattern like in the older versions of the game


  • Graphics needs more work
  • Long grind to trials might not be for everyone