ASUS TUF X670E-Plus WiFi Review

We look today at ASUS AMD-based TUF X670E-Plus WiFi, a mid-level motherboard made for overclocking and gamers on a Budget(AMD’s version of the Intel TUF Z790-Plus). The TUF X670E is based on the extreme chipset from AMD(yes, it’s even in the name). Now why would you want to get the Extreme version of a motherboard? The fact that you have better power control thanks to the Extreme chipset, in the case of the TUF X670E-Plus has a 14+2 VRM power stage and ASUS’s DIGI+VRM controller for a very stable overclocking environment.

When it comes to connectivity on the TUF X670E you get 12 USB3.2 ports(ranging from Type-A to Type-C split between front and rear) and six USB2.0(thanks to onboard headers). You also get Bluetooth 5.2 connection. What I love about this board is that it also supports USB4 aka Thunderbolt connection(if you buy the additional breakout card) this is not what you would expect from a mid-level motherboard. When it comes to connecting to the internet ASUS has you sorted with WiFi 6E and 2.5Gb Ethernet connections this makes the board good for future-proofing.

Thanks to the X670E chipset you can look forward to PCI-E 5.0 on your main PCI-E slot and the main M.2 storage slot. Where as on the normal X670 chipset it would only be the M.2 connection that is PCI-E5.0. It’s not just one M.2 that you get but four in total, the other M.2 slots running PCI-e4.0 and PCI-e3.0 respectively. For the gamer that is still using a SATA connection you have four SATA6 slots, I was a bit shocked that it only had four connectors, however, that is because I’m used to six(spoiled I know). The other thing that I noted on the TUF X670E is that ASUS split the four SATA header ports, no longer are they all on one side(should make some fun cable management).

ASUS is using its tried and trusted S1220A chipset for getting the sound to your headphones/speakers, they even made a dedicated patch on the PCB that will reduce the noise from other electronic components on your audio.

The TUF X670E-Plus keeps with the military theme on this board, with a dark grey(almost black) PCB and dark aluminium headers for the VRM, M.2 and secondary board controller. When it comes to RGB on the TUF X670E you have an edge-lit PCB and three Gen2 RGB headers.

Overall I am pleased with the ASUS TUF X670E-Plus WiFi motherboard. The TUF range has always been marketed to the more budget/mid-level gamer and you will not be disappointed with it. Coming in at about R6500(retailer dependent) it is not a lot of cash to give out. I would recommend this motherboard to any gamer that is looking to upgrade to the latest AMD chipset, this does entail that you upgrade your RAM as well (thanks to the AM5 chipset Not supporting DDR4 ram).

Chipset – AMD X670E/X670
Memory – 4x DDR5 DIMM(Max 128GB)(Can overclock to 6400+)
Expansion Slots – 1x PCIe5.0 x16 slot, 1x PCIe4.0 X16 slot, 1x PCIe 4.0 x4
Storage – 4x M.2 (M.2_1 Supports PCIe5.0, M.2_3/4Supports PCIe4.0 x4 & SATA modes, M.2_2 Support PCIe3.0), 4x SATA 6Gb/s
Ethernet/Wireless/Bluetooth – Realtek 2.5Gbps Ethernet, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2
USB – 10 Rear USB(Total), 8 Front USB (Total)
Audio – Realtek S1220A

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