If you’re an avid gamer seeking unparalleled performance, there’s a single choice that reigns supreme—the RTX 4090 graphics card. Prepare yourself for a colossal, mighty beast that is both extravagant and undeniably powerful.

As expected, Asus has treated the formidable AD102 GPU with its signature ROG touch. The RTX 4090 Founders Edition is already sizeable, but Asus has taken it to the next level. Introducing the Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4090 OC Edition (try saying that fast), a massive card measuring 357.6 x 149.3 x 70.1mm. This card may pose a challenge when it comes to fitting it into many cases, so brace yourself. It’s also quite heavy, so if you’re into bodybuilding and PC gaming, Asus is here to lend a hand. Be aware that it occupies 3.5 slots, which translates to four slots in reality.

With a futuristic design adorned with ample RGB lighting and other enticing touches characteristic of high-end Asus ROG products, this card truly stands out. It comes with a factory overclock, boasting an official rated boost clock of 2,610Mhz. Additionally, Asus’ GPU Tweak software allows you to push it even further, starting at an overclocked speed of 2,640MHz. The memory clock remains unchanged at 21Gbps. However, brace yourself for the price—it comes with a staggering R45,000 (Average) price tag, demanding a substantial premium over entry-level RTX 4090s. Of course, the terms “entry-level” and “RTX 4090” don’t exactly go hand in hand. It’s undoubtedly a significant investment, but flagship products come with a premium. If you’re an enthusiast who can afford it, no one should pass judgment. Nvidia and Asus certainly won’t.

Asus has gone all out with the RTX 4090 Strix. As mentioned before, it occupies 3.5 slots, effectively consuming four. Along the side, you’ll find ROG branding illuminated by RGB lighting, while the end of the card boasts more RGB goodness. The design may be subjective, but personally, I find it appealing, I am however, a ROG Fanboy so that may be biased. A full-length backplate is present, as expected at this level.

One notable inclusion is the new 16-pin 12VHPWR connector. Asus provides a 4x 8-pin adapter for those using older power supplies. With this setup, the card can tap into a power supply of up to 675W, combining the 75W from the PCIe slot. Like other 4090 models, make sure the connector is firmly inserted, minimizing any bending to avoid potential melting issues.

An immense card requires an equally enormous cooling solution. It incorporates a vapor chamber, seven heat pipes, and a plethora of fins, ensuring exceptional heat dissipation. Thermal strips are placed strategically underneath the heatsink to keep the memory chips and VRM cool.

Load temperatures peak at just over 60°C, which is simply astonishing for a 450W card, although in a closed case, expect them to be a few degrees higher while still remaining low. The Asus card’s power consumption figures hardly surpass those of the Founders Edition. Asus typically adds some extras beyond what a typical FE card offers. In addition to the monstrous cooler and higher clocks, you benefit from dual BIOS, allowing you to switch between default and low noise settings. However, in a quick test, no discernible difference was found between the two. There are also a pair of 4-pin fan headers, offering convenient control over external fan speeds based on GPU temperature.

The PCB of the Asus RTX 4090 Strix is truly extreme. Its 24-phase design with 70A stages seems tailor-made for higher TDPs. Whether an RTX 4090 Ti emerges in the future or you wish to overclock your card with proper cooling, the Asus won’t break a sweat. Despite the card’s substantial length, the compact PCB allows Asus to follow the recent trend of directing airflow through a portion of the card and into the path of front-to-back case ventilation.

The video output selection is excellent. While it lacks DP 2.1—a notable weakness shared by all RTX 4090 cards—it offers dual HDMI 2.1a and three DisplayPort 1.4a ports. You can utilize up to four ports simultaneously.

Assessing a card like this requires a different perspective. Its price surpasses what the average gamer would consider reasonable. However, this card isn’t designed for your typical gamer, much like a Ford Mustang isn’t meant for the everyday driver.

The Asus RTX 4090 Strix embodies extremes in every aspect. It’s an outstanding choice if you seek a genuine flagship that not only looks the part but also delivers performance, exceptional cooling, and low noise levels to match. This is the kind of card that will remain relevant for many years to come.

ROG’s top-tier products usually carry premium price tags. Yet, if you’re willing to spend R45,000 or more (For the White Edition) on a graphics card, a few extra thousand rand won’t make a significant difference. The Asus card goes above and beyond, and admittedly, it’s overkill and far too expensive for 98% of gamers. However, the Asus and other high-end RTX 4090 models have absolutely zero competition.

Tech Specs:

Graphic Engine
NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4090
Bus Standard
PCI Express 4.0
Video Memory
Engine Clock
OC mode: 2640 MHz Default mode: 2610 MHz (Boost Clock)
CUDA Cores
Memory Speed
21 Gbps
Memory Interface
Digital Max Resolution 7680 x 4320
Yes x 2 (Native HDMI 2.1a)
Yes x 3 (Native DisplayPort 1.4a)
HDCP Support Yes (2.3)
Maximum Display Support
NVlink/ Crossfire Support
1 x Collection Card​ 1 x Speedsetup Manual​ 1 x Adapter Cable​ 1 x ROG Graphics Card Holder 1 x ROG Velcro Hook & Loop 1 x Thank you Card
ASUS GPU Tweak III & GeForce Game Ready Driver & Studio Driver: please download all software from the support site.
357.6 x 149.3 x 70.1mm
Recommended PSU
Power Connectors
1 x 16-pin
3.5 Slot

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