Assetto Corsa Competizione Console PS Edition Review

We have tested the realistic ACC on Console WITHOUT the steering wheel with pedals, a lot of people would have said that it is insane and that you are crazy for attempting this.

But the reason we went ahead and did this was to see how it holds up with not only a controller but with on a Console vs PC Version with regards to graphics, gameplay, career and overall feel.

With regards to the graphics, it is holding up quite good against the PC and you do not really feel the 60 frames compared to a PC’s 144/240hz monitors, graphics seems smooth and beautiful on PS4 but would most likely be a gorgeous game on PS5 considering the worlds the 2 consoles are apart from each other.

Gameplay features and even the look of the game is identical to the PC, however with regards to the default controls, might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I would suggest spending a bit of time on the settings to get the control feeling comfortable and easy for you to control and make pit stop changes mid-race.

The triggers used for both braking and acceleration are extremely accurate but could take some getting used to, especially for the players who does not use traction control and overall, more aggressive setups to not pull the trigger all the way and lock the brakes.

The other big thing was the steering, and do not even consider moving the stick to the right or left, the steering is instant and extremely sensitive to the movement of the stick but pushing the stick forward and moving it then left or right gives you a lot better control over the car and turning in the game.

Overall, I would say that it would take some getting used to initially but can definitely be enjoyed on Console with a controller.

Final Thought: A replication of the PC Version means that everyone on any platform would be able to enjoy the game and there is no distinctive advantage of playing over a console instead of a PC except for the frames you might get. The controller might take some getting used to and would recommend changing the default button layout to have a comfortable setup for you.

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  • Great Visuals
  • Amazing Audio
  • The definition of "racing simulation"


  • Meant to be played on a Steering Wheel, mouse and Keyboard wont cut it
  • High concentration needed for the races
  • Can be draining and frustrating