A Plague Tale: Requiem Review

A breathtaking adventure for hope we follow Amicia and Hugo on an intense new quest filled with Breathtaking scenery and emotional roller coasters. A Plague Tale Requiem is a sequel to the award-winning A Plague Tale Innocence filled with twists and… RATS!

Asobo Studio did an absolutely stunning job with this game, ensuring that the detail of the world works seamlessly with the movement of your characters, you don’t walk through characters, and you don’t walk straight into the stairs when you were supposed to be walking upwards, same for down steps, you can hear and see the emotion Voice and facial expressions, furthermore the detail to Fire which could sometimes be overlooked, was not in this game.

Besides the gorgeous game, we have happy moments tagging along with Lucas, Hugo, and Amicia as they search for a cure for Hugo’s illness, Hugo keeps on dreaming about this wonderful island and a Phoenix leading him to a well and giant tree after being washed up on shore where the water would heal him, yet it seems that chaos follows Hugo where-ever he ends up going, after discovering that the Rats might be connected to Hugo’s emotions/stress it becomes paramount to keep him calm, happy and safe before chaos erupts, one possible cure after another fails until Amicia decides to follow Hugo’s dream in search of this magical island he keeps on dreaming of.

Furthermore, the gameplay itself is, for the majority of the part fluid, with the odd cases where you might be in the wrong position or have to walk in a circle for the button to appear to interact with the object/person. Nothing nearly enough to ruin the game.

Along with the enticing story, you will also be learning alchemy and have a skill tree that unlocks more abilities as you progress through the story and collect souvenirs on your journey. The game might become a bit draggy from time to time and your brain will need a moment to rest before continuing as we experienced with missing obvious routes or resolving simple problems.

In your arsenal, you would be able to use your slingshot along with alchemy to create fire, kill enemies or put out fires, along with using pots to amplify their effects or and crossbow to stick a flaming arrow to a piece of wood to help you get through the stage.

Be aware, don’t rush through the areas while the characters are talking, this leads to disaster, the characters’ dialog is not only there to relate to what might go through your head if you were in the same position, but might assist you with getting past the point you are stuck on.

Some players might find it annoying that the characters sometimes talk over each other, but this adds to the realism that everyone wants to say their say during a panic or stressful moment. You will meet various characters on your road to a cure, some having ulterior motives as human nature tends to do to some people.

Final Thoughts: A beautiful and wonderful game well rounded out with gameplay and audio to fit the pieces of what many might see as a great story game, some players might not feel the need to play the game for a second time. Still, a beautiful story game for various gamers to enjoy.

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  • No words can describe how beautiful the game is
  • Characters are relatable
  • Easy to understand controls
  • Puzzles aren't too difficult


  • Have to aim down sight to change equipment/weapons
  • Not all players might play the game for a second time