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This powerful, sexy, sultry and sensual character is given the Kotobukiya ArtFX+ treatment and knocks it right out of the garden. Embodying the signature traits of various different iterations of the character this is a must have figure for any Poison Ivy fan.

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What follows is a data friendly written review of this particular piece.

For everyone else who isn’t a cheapskate, or isn’t otherwise vexed by the ridiculous process of data bundles, please have a look at the comprehensive video review above.


I’m not going to lie, I love strong female characters- slightly psychotic ones too. I suppose that says more than enough about my dating life but this isn’t that kind of website.

Kotobukiya recently released a Poison Ivy figure in the ArtFX+ line. This is supposedly and accompanying piece to the previously released Harley Quinn figure. Having looked at that piece previously I had high expectations for this figure.

Quick shout out to friends of the site Reza and “the Nas” for letting me goof off with the store display for purposes of my reviews.

As is always the case with a statue, we will consider the two cardinal A’s – Aesthetics and Aish-Factor.


When we talk about “Aesthetics” what we are referring to is the overall visual appeal of the piece. In other words, “what does it look like- and how is going impact on your overall display?”

This category includes a discussion on accessories and articulation where applicable.

So lets get cracking…

So since my first exposure to her in the 1992 animated series, I have always imagined Poison Ivy to be a strong, fiercely independent though sultry, seductive temptress- beautiful to the eye and dangerous to the touch. Well Kotobukiya successfully gets that down! As you can see, the statue has Poison Ivey sculpted in this half leant over come-hither-esque pose which nails that subtle balance.

The sculpting is deft and her dimensions are in proportion- in other words they are able to tip toe the line of communicating the character’s innate sexiness but manages to steer clear of overly sexualising her.

As a result of this, the statue is equally welcome in a collection for a young lady or a slightly rotten middle aged man.

The costume details are well sculpted with the various embellishments in her uniform well rendered. There is a slight different in the texture of the material as well which adds a degree of realism to the sculpt.

As regards the paint work – for the most part the overall execution is quite good as is expected from Kotobukiya. However, with that said, there were a few issues I identified. I felt that the painting on some of the shaded areas was a little flat and not as well defined as I have seen in other releases.

I want to emphasise though that these might be quality control issues on this particular unit because the paint work on the face sculpt is simply phenomenal. I won’t lie they must have a couple makeup artists working at kotobukiya because they have the contouring/ nude make up effect on point!

As regards accessories, the figure includes a non-magnetic translucent display base and a vine/ foliage accessory. The base is essentially a slab of PVC and adds some nice weight to the figure.

I was thrilled with the vine/ foliage accessory! This piece is pretty much a miniature artificial flower accessory and is very well scaled for the figure. It has a wire in it that can be posed in a variety of shapes. I thought that the wire might be a bit thin and is likely to get damaged in time, but closer inspection revealed that it is quite pliable.

We went with a sort of spiral look and as you can see the effect is pretty mesmerising and rounds of the figure nicely. I often lament that Kotobukiya doesn’t give us too many (or rather enough) accessories, but in this instance I am quite happy with what they pulled off here.

With that being covered, lets turn our attention to the next issue.


The so called “Aish- Factor” is a generic standard I coined where I assess the overall execution of the figure against the background of it’s build, price, availability and any other relevant factor. In essence we assess the degree to which a figure make’s one go “Aish!” with excitement, or “Eish…” with disappointment.

Now that we aare on the same page, lets round it up.

For reasons unknown, Poison Ivy figures seem to be in short supply. On the rare occasion that you do run across them, they are usually terribly priced as well.

In this case what you have a fairly budget friendly piece. I want to emphasise, that this isn’t a cheaply priced piece, it is however reasonably priced for what it is.

Boasting all of the best features of Kotobukiya as evidenced by the sterling sculpt and generally well executed paint work you would be hard pressed to find another statue at this price point that does such a great job representing the character.

For full details be sure to watch the video review embedded in this write up.

For now though, I am pretty satisfied with this figure and it elicits a resounding Aish!!!


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Local Suppliers offering this figure (including payment plans) include:

Cosmic Comics who can be reached at: or or
011 782 0819 (Karryn or Shane)


Project Mayhem Collectibles
www.project, or
0727898008 (Naseemah – available on Whatsapp as well)

Smallville Comics

Be sure to tell them that Zaid sent you. Take chocolate!

It might not help you to get a discount or anything like that, but it will make you feel better if you don’t get one of these since they will probably be sold out if you continue to dilly dally.

Go on… buy the thing!

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