Review: Kotobukiya ArtFX+ Gorilla Grodd Statue

I believe that DC comics owes a major debt of gratitude to the CW. This is because almost all the new Flash fans I meet claim to have fallen in love with Grant Gustin’s run (hah! pun) on the character in the titular TV series. Last season’s two-parter episode that…

No Monkey Business

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A meticulously sculpted piece that offers several display options. Imposing, majestic and all around awesome! No hesitation with recommending this bad boy!

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I believe that DC comics owes a major debt of gratitude to the CW. This is because almost all the new Flash fans I meet claim to have fallen in love with Grant Gustin’s run (hah! pun) on the character in the titular TV series.

Last season’s two-parter episode that saw the Speedster Squad make their way to the Earth-2 Gorilla City was one of the highlights of the season.

I mean it all went downhill from there. I’m still irritated that Iris survived (I’m not apologising for the spoiler- you should be up to date by now!) … but that’s not what I am here to talk about today.

Looking back to Gorilla Grodd, The Kotobukiya rendition of the character is based on his New 52 appearance.

A quick shout out to friends of the site Shane & Karryn from Cosmic Comics for letting me have a look at this statue.

As always with my statue reviews, we will consider the Two A’s ie Aesthetics and Aish-Factor.

I would like to apologise in advance for the “monkey puns “that are about to follow


In this section I will discuss the overall visual appeal of the statue.

Want head?

While the piece is rendered in 1/10 scale, it stands slightly taller than other statues in the line. When you consider that Grodd is a giant ass bipedal Gorrilla with mind-fudge powers, this is super apt.

With a figure like this whose basic design boasts various paint and sculpted details, most companies struggle to get things off the ground.

Not the case here! Kotobukiya absolutely nails this the sculpted fur throughout the statue.

The choices of pose is a departure from the static poses we have seen in most of the Kotobukiya ArtFX+ line. This statue boasts a more dynamic pose.

As I have argued on various occasions before I believe that Kotobukiya short changes us a little every now and again.

This is because some of their releases include alternative head sculpts and arms to achieve different looks. This is a popular feature of their Star Wars statues. An additional set of hands is definitely something I would have liked to see here.

Still, it’s not all bad, as the statue includes some basic accessories (a cape, a helmet and a skull). The sculpt work on all the accessories are top notch as expected.

All Accessories

While Kotobukiya has achieved their usual stellar performance on the paintwork. There are various hues used of the fur which simulates texture. The same applies to the helmet, shoulder pads and skull which add to its overall appeal.

Rounding out the look, I loved the way the deep-set painted red eyes together with the asymmetrical fangs, As a result, this Grodd has a jubilant, savage and powerful beast caught in mid-roar.

Seeing Red…

Overall I was very impressed with the way the figure looks and have no major gripes.

Tip top paint work and meticulous sculpting. No monkey business here I swear!

AISH! – Factor

The “Aish! – Factor” is a fictional scale that I coined where I test the level to which a piece makes we want to shout “Aish!” with enthusiasm for going and getting a piece; or “Eish!” with pity for all the guys who got robbed when buying a piece.

Rawr – Means I love you in Gorilla

I liked the overall design choices in this statue and this is a stunning display piece.

I liked the included accessories which allow for a few alternative display options, though as indicated above, a few additional interchangeable hands would have been epic.

That said, I guess that doing so would have pushed the price point up which would take this statue outside of the cheaper bracket.

In summary, this is the best version of the character we could get and I simply can’t recommend it enough.

While the size of this figure puts it at a moderately higher price point than other statues in this this line, between the practically perfect sculpt, deft though inspired paint work and design choices, this statue elicits a resounding “AAIISSHH!!!”


Local Suppliers offering this figure (including payment plans) include:

Cosmic Comics who can be reached at: or or
011 782 0819 (Karryn or Shane)

Project Mayhem Collectibles
www.project, or
0727898008 (Naseemah – available on Whatsapp as well)

Be sure to tell them that Zaid sent you. Take chocolate. It won’t help you get a discount or anything like that, but it will make you feel better if you don’t get one of these since they will probably be sold out if you continue to dilly dally!


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