What follows below is a data bundle friendly review for everyone who is still fighting the data struggle. For those of you who are liberated, please have a look at the video above. The Spider-Man line of statues by Kotobukiya has been one of my favourite offerings by the…

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Aish-Factor Total - 88%


Amazing & Spectacular!

All three figures featured in this review meet the very lofty standards I have set for Kotobukiya. Bold, dynamic and well detailed. A must have for any Spidey fan.

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What follows below is a data bundle friendly review for everyone who is still fighting the data struggle. For those of you who are liberated, please have a look at the video above.

The Spider-Man line of statues by Kotobukiya has been one of my favourite offerings by the company.

Showcasing some of the most popular characters in the franchise the line has given some pocket friendly and display case enhancing figures.

In this review we will be looking at the last three statues in the line, namely Spider-Man 2099, Agent Venom and Carnage.

Anyway, as is always the case with statues, we will focus on the aesthetic appeal of each statue before rounding out our discussion of them with a look at the Aish-Factor.


When we refer to Aesthetics, what we mean is the overall visual appeal of a figure. We consider what it looks like, the sculpt work as well as the overall paint applications.

I will discuss each statue in turn.

Agent Venom

Venom is one of Marvel’s most compelling characters and I am always intrigued by the different ways the publisher rejuvenates its characters.

Agent venom is one such example of this where Marvel took the Venom symbiote and bonded it to a classic Spider-Man supporting character Flash Thompson – now a war veteran.

This is probably the most uniquely designed figures in the line as it boasts various fine sculpted details including some differently textured parts on the armour. While there are various spike effects across the figure, these are pretty solid so you don’t need to worry about them breaking or anything like that.

I must confess that I wasn’t completely blown away with the “half twirl” choice in pose. Though, when you consider what they did with the rest of the line, it would have been a little boring to have this soldier of fortune/ victim of war character in yet another crouched pose. So with that being said I can accept it.

As far as paint work in concerned, as we saw with the Venom Statue a little while back, the statue is largely a “black-on-black” figure so you wouldn’t expect to be able to see too much fine detailing in a cursory inspection. However on closer inspection you notice that Kotobukiya applied some highlighting and different paints which creates that element of distinction.

I didn’t notice and bleeding or splotching in the finer details on the emblem either – with such an intricate design this is a welcome observation.

Spider-Man 2099

Miguel O’ Hara is a pretty interesting character. Born of the mind of Peter David and Rick Leonardi in 1992, we were introduced to a tortured, powerful and extremely engaging version of Spider-Man as part of Marvel’s 2099 imprint.

The sculpt of the figure showcases him in a crouched battle ready pose, his muscles tensed and bracing for a leap into action. I had some doubts about the pose as I felt it wasn’t as “spidery” as some of the other poses. However when kept in hand, I was satisfied that the figure had the look I expected.

The figure has a removable translucent “web Foil” that can be attached to the figure’s back.

As far as paint work is concerned, some folks who may have seen the character in the video game adaptations may argue that the suit should have a metallic lustre to be accurate. However, I feel that this would have detracted from the way the statue fits into the rest of the line so I prefer it this way.

I liked that Kotobukiya used a sort of “maroonish-red” meets  “purplish-bluey” blend of colours (that has to have been the worst description of the colour scheme ever, I know) as compared to a flat and basic red and blue colour scheme you would have expected.

I assure you, the colour choice has a top notch effect and the the shading work is on point.


Ah yes, with Marvel’s editorial edict back in the day mandating that Venom had to be an anti-hero versus being a deranged homicidal psychopath, Marvel Introduced Carnage to the universe.

This figure showcases a berserk Carnage, likely in the throes of a murderous rampage.

Sculpt wise this is an interesting figure. It has a pretty dynamic edge to it with the flaring s in the throw. The only irritating thing with the figure itself is that the figure is quite top heavy and unless you use the included foot peg and magnetic base.

Aside from that I really loved the overall design and was particularly impressed with the giant scythe arm.

The paint work is a chaotic blend of reds, blacks and certain shades and highlights in the same palletes. The choice of colours and execution of the paint work lend to the “fluidly moist” look I have come to enjoy with the previously reviewed Venom statue as well.

To bring this segment into the home stretch I would have to say that these figures nail it in terms their Aesthetic appeal.

AISH!!! Factor

The “Aish-Factor” is a generic standard that evaluates where an item falls on the Eish versus Aish scale – with “Eish…” being a fail and “Aish!” being a major win.

Look, the truth is that when it comes to Kotobukiya, you can expect to receive a high quality piece at a decent a price point. So as far as those two issues are concerned all three figures described here make the grade.

If we are really nit-picking I suppose that there are some design choices that I would probably not have made – such as the Carnage legs which create a bit of a balancing problem and the ballerina twirl pose on the Agent Venom.

However, when you look at the pieces in the context of the entire line and the characters themselves, the poses make sense so I can’t be too upset about it.

I should mention that each statue includes the metal disk magnetic base. I would probably avoid scraping the magnets across the base just to be on the safe side.

The display bases referred to are the only accessories included which is the base line of my primary gripe with Kotobukiya: Inconsistency with accessories!

Some kotobukiya releases (e.g. Star wars figures) come packaged with multiple accessories that allow you to have a range of different looks for a character. I wish we could have received addition sculpted pieces to vary the poses – perhaps a mid-transformation/unmasked heads or detachable weblines etc.

Still though, I can’t fault the design and appeal of the specific figures under review so suffice to say that I am pretty satisfied with the way the line turned out as all the characters are well designed and marvellously rendered.

In so far as the render is concerned, I have previously stated that I felt that some of the statues are a little on the small side.

Now that the line is complete, I realise that this is to accommodate for the proper scaling of the characters in the range overall and I have to say that while I do believe that they are a little small, it isn’t a train smash.

I’m pretty happy with the figures reviewed and the line overall.

As I said before, for full details be sure to watch the video review embedded in this write up.

For now though, suffice to say that this statue elicits a resounding Aish!!!


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