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Another masterpiece form DC Collectibles as they nail this version of Harley Quinn. Slightly on the steep side price-wise but definitely worth the splurge!

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For everyone else who isn’t a cheapskate, or isn’t otherwise vexed by the ridiculous process of data bundles, please have a look at the comprehensive video review above.


I swear with the amount of money I spend on their merchandise, DC Collectibles should hire me as an ambassador! Though when you look at the high quality items they have been putting out who can blame me?

DC Collectibles has a knack for showcasing some of the clown queen of crime’s most iconic looks and with so many epic versions of the character to choose from, its always daunting committing to a piece.

A quick shout out to Shane and Karyn from cosmic comics who let me screw around with this piece in the store.

A little history here, the DC Comics Bombshells franchise began as long ago as 2011 when DC Collectibles found artist Ant Lucia’s prints re-imaging the DC super heroines as pin-up girls. The concept was novel enough that Ant Lucia, was commissioned to create artwork that became the basis of the highly popular DC Bombshells line of statues. Drawing heavy influence from Pin Up models and World War II aesthetics he blended these classic designs with the so-called “rockabilly culture” of today.

The idea was (and remains) so popular, that they ultimately created a comic universe about it.

Now, as can be expected Harley Quinn was one of the more popular figures in that first line up of statues. The fact that this Bombshell version of the character is one of the first versions of the character they chose to release is a testament to the popularity of the storyline.

This piece is a deluxe piece which showcases her in one of her more dramatic poses in this iteration.

As always in the case of a statue, we will consider our two cardinal A’s ie Aesthetics and Aish-Factor…


When we talk about “Aesthetics” what we are referring to is the overall visual appeal of the piece. In other words, “what does it look like- and how is going impact on your overall display?”

This category includes a discussion on accessories and articulation where applicable.

So lets get cracking…

The statue stands at roughly 12” (ie circa 30cm) and is rendered in the 1/6 Scale.

This very attractive Harley (Duh!) is cast from cold –cast porcelain so you need to be very careful with the way you handle it. I found that her pose has the figure lilting slightly and I was worried that the centre of gravity might be off. Once I attached the statues to the base, I was impressed that the statue does have quite a bit of heft to it which should ensure that it doesn’t tip over.

Still, the usual “fragility” warnings apply.

Harley’s mischievous, psychotic and seductive menace really comes through with her come hither look and dramatic pose.

The paint applications are brilliant here- while the pictures (and video) sadly drown out a fair amount of the painted and shaded detail the statue boasts very subtle highlights and shaded elements that accentuate her already impressive features.

The application of a myriad of highlights and shaded details adds nice texture to the figure and save it from looking “flat”. At the same time, it is not so textured that it loses the bright “glam-gal” look that the statue is supposed to have (being a Bombshells statue).

The paint work in all the text across the figure and the base are top notch with no bleeding and very little slop noted.

The base is the only accessory included and the other sculpted details reflect those of Harley’s usual bag of tricks such as the pop-gun.

I can’t over emphasise how brilliantly the fine sculpted details are done here!

The statue boasts wonderful sculpted details across the figure and in particular on the belt, its buckle and the various pouches.

Add on the sculpting of the hair, shoe laces and the jacket this together with the fine paint detailing on smaller details like the joker card on her thigh and the Joker motif on her jacket and I am quite content to tell you that this statue is “the bomb”

No, I will not apologise for such a horrible pun.

With that being covered, lets turn our attention to the next issue.


The so called “Aish- Factor” is a generic standard I coined where I assess the overall execution of the figure against the background of it’s build, price, availability and any other relevant factor. In essence we assess the degree to which a figure make’s one go “Aish!” with excitement, or “Eish…” with disappointment.

So here’s what we have:

Bear in mind that as this is a Harley Quinn statue, the price is bound to be slightly higher (because everyone will want to buy it).

Far as I know, the statue is part of a numbered run and these first edition statues are bound to gain value as time goes by. It is unclear at this stage whether the line will end off having second edition releases as well. Though given that this is Harley Quinn merchandise I am sure we will see that.

Bear in mind that it is a slightly more expensive piece dude to its size and execution. However value for money is not an exclusive determination of whether or not a piece is cheap, but rather if the works presented are proper.

In this instance, I am satisfied that the piece presents decent value for money if it is within the capability of your budget. AS previously indicated, the statue is a masterfully executed piece that is a faithful representation of the source material with brilliant and high quality work all throughout.

I genuinely can’t find any fault with this piece and it elicits a resounding “AAAAIIIIISSSSHHHH!!!”


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Local Suppliers offering this figure (including payment plans) include:

Cosmic Comics who can be reached at: or or
011 782 0819 (Karryn or Shane)


Project Mayhem Collectibles
www.project, or
0727898008 (Naseemah – available on Whatsapp as well)

Smallville Comics

Be sure to tell them that Zaid sent you. Take chocolate!

It might not help you to get a discount or anything like that, but it will make you feel better if you don’t get one of these since they will probably be sold out if you continue to dilly dally.

Go on… buy the thing!

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