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Until Data Falls... What follows below is a data-friendly written review of the Arkham Knight Commissioner Gordon Action figure by DC Collectibles.For everyone else who's not a cheapskate, or isn't otherwise vexed by the ridiculous prices of data bundles please have a look at the…

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Aish-Factor Total - 70%


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While it has a few minor design issues it is undeniably a well designed figure that is a pretty kick ass representation of this staple in the Batman Mythos. A must have for hard core Bat-Fans

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Until Data Falls…
What follows below is a data-friendly written review of the Arkham Knight Commissioner Gordon Action figure by DC Collectibles.For everyone else who’s not a cheapskate, or isn’t otherwise vexed by the ridiculous prices of data bundles please have a look at the video above!


While Batman has proven time and time again to be one of the most enduring characters in entertainment history, there are often debates that are centered on what makes the character so amazing.

Is it the gadgets? The Cars? The gravelly Bat-voice? (Hi Kevin Conroy!)

Personally I attribute the success of the character to all of the above, and one other item…

The supporting characters.

Villains, Heroes and the extended characters. Each character adds a few more layers to the magic that is the Dark Knight mythos.

One of the lesser appreciated though almost indispensable characters is of course non other than Commissioner James Gordon (CJG).

Now while the last few seasons of the series Gotham have been more than a little entertaining, the studio has take a fair amount of liberties with the characters from the source material.

While not all of it is bad, there have been a few dodgy moments to say the least.

Still, I doubt Commissioner Gordon has ever been as popular as he is right now.

Philosophy class aside, onwards with the business of the day!

Anyway, as is always the case with Action Figures, we will focus on the Three Intrinsic A’s– Aesthetics, Accessories and Aish-Factor.


In the context of an Action figure,  our consideration of “Aesthetics” will not be limited to the overall look of the figure, but will also extend to the articulation.

This version of the character is based off his appearance in the Arkham Knight Video game.

What we see is a game accurate, very gritty looking CJG.

I liked that the game designers managed to give us a mish-mash look of all the quintessential looks for CJG in the game. Thankfully, DC Collectibles was able to get that to translate that into material form with this figure.

The sculpt work is deft and clean and the overall build is quite solid.

One particularly impressive item was the fact that the spectacles have translucent plastic pieces built into them as lenses! In is this attention to fine detail that makes DC Collectibles one of my favorite manufacturers right now!

This attention to details extends to the paint job. Bearing in mind that this is a mass produced figure in a smaller scale, I am happy with the subtle change in hues in the overall paint work for the clothing item parts.

I was impressed by the dry brushing all across the figure that lends to the gritty realism of the figure.

The figure boasts all the usual points of articulation . Sadly mine was more than a little stiff – though some boiling water will easily remedy that.

My major gripe with this figure is the relative spacing and layout of the shoulders.  Given that CJG isn’t one of the super-buff characters in the game, I understand that he would have fairly narrow shoulders. What I don’t like is that when you look at the figure straight on – he looks a little like an orangutan!

The issue is mitigated a little by turning the figure to the side when posing and displaying it. I suppose it is something that one can live with.


The figure includes a handgun, walkie-talkie and of course an open palm hand. The accessories are serviceable though nothing fancy or interesting to write home out.


The “Aish-Factor” is a generic standard that evaluates where an item falls on the Eish versus Aish scale – with “Eish…” being a fail and “Aish!” being a major win.

The figure is a decent addition to the line and is worth picking up if you are a major Batman Fan. For those of you who are a little more frugal may decide to skip this supporting character and lean towards one of the more popular main characters in the line.

As a collectible piece, save for a few dodgy design choices I am really happy with the figure overall and is a cost effective means of getting a rendition of one of the cornerstone characters in this franchise.

For full details be sure to watch the video review embedded in this write up.


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