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A mostly well built figure with a complete arsenal of weapons and accessories, this is a decently priced 3rd-Party figure that is a welcome addition to any collection.

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What follows is a data friendly written review of this particular piece.

For everyone else who isn’t a cheapskate, or isn’t otherwise vexed by the ridiculous process of data bundles, please have a look at the comprehensive video review above.


In a world where everyone thinks the full complement of Super-hero related books comprises exclusively of Marvel and DC, it breaks my heart to know that save for those two movies with Ron Pearlman, most folks will never know the epic wonder that is Hellboy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I loved the Ron Pearlman/Guillermo Del Toro movies – they were fun, fantastical and had just enough gravitas to make me feel sorry for a giant dude in red prosthetics.

With that being said I was heartbroken to find that there is almost next to no decent (or affordable) Hellboy figures. Then there was the other problem that I have become something of a 1/6 scale figure addict in recent years and the Hot Toys Version of the character costs waaaay too many body parts for my taste.

Enter AR Toys, and their “Hellman” figure.

Now before I go on, Neither GES or ZHM Entertainment support, endorse, recommend or otherwise encourage the purchase of unlicensed, counterfeit, third party or other types of figures through any other channels that aren’t the official legit ones. This is just an article for information to talk about something the writer found on the inter-webs.

Alrighty –disclaimers done let’s talk about the figure.

The Hellman figure bears an uncanny resemblance to said Hot Toys Hellboy Figure.

As is always the case with a figure of this nature, we will consider the two cardinal A’s – Aesthetics and Aish-Factor.


When we talk about “Aesthetics” what we are referring to is the overall visual appeal of the piece. In other words, “what does it look like- and how is going impact on your overall display?”

This category includes a discussion on accessories and articulation where applicable.

So lets get cracking…

Okay so the figure is a 1/6 scale figure and measures roughly 33 cm and is rendered in a customised muscular body.

The figure also includes a total of 4 Head sculpts, a Cigar, a Revolver, the Big Baby weapon (a giant ass gun used by Hellboy in the Movies and comics), 2x specially sculpted right hand of doom parts, 6x big Baby ammunition shells, genuine leather clothing items (trench coat, pants, boots and belt), a rosary, a black short sleeve T-shirt and a figure stand.

Before I go on, I just want to say that the accessories look amazing!

The head sculpts all bear a striking resemblance to Ron Pearlman as Hellboy and allow for a great range of display options. With excellent texturing and shading that simulate skin against the backdrop of the fine sculpted details on all the head sculpts I was incredibly impressed by the overall execution the there.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the 3rd head (a re-order incentive bonus) features a more comic-accurate visage for the figure which is a welcome inclusion.

The other accessories boasts the same fine attention to detail and are on the whole quite impressive. However, I did notice that there are some issues with the various clips and clamps across the figure which makes setting the figure up or posing the figure a pain in the proverbial nuggets.

On the whole though the accessories hep one really bring the character to life.

To this end, I was happy with the stature of the figure. It is large and imposing though not so overly done that it is out of scale with my other 1/6 scale figures – a typical challenge with unlicensed figures.

The torso features a custom stylised rubber body which is placed over a wire armature and features Hellboy’s scars, and markings etched into the material. This attention to detail is most impressive.

The figure boasts roughly 30 points of articulation.

While you can get the figure in some pretty awesome poses, given the size of the figure some look ridiculous. So the extent of the poseability is rendered moot to a lesser or greater degree. The wire armature does wonders to make the figure a little more hardy, but when bent and posed the rubber becomes warped which ruins the effect at the biceps.

I eventually decided to put the t-shirt and trench coat on to hide this challenge.

Assuming you are comfortable doing this – well then suffice to say that the fully assembled figure is wonderful to behold.

I eventually ended up doing some basic mods to my figure to bulk him up a little just to make him look slightly more proportional. I also used hot glue to fix some of the issues I was experiencing with attaching some accessories.

Still, even without the mods, the figure nails the overall aesthetic.

With that being covered, lets turn our attention to the next issue.


The so called “Aish- Factor” is a generic standard I coined where I assess the overall execution of the figure against the background of it’s build, price, availability and any other relevant factor.

In essence we assess the degree to which a figure make’s one go “Aish!” with excitement, or “Eish…” with disappointment.

So here’s what we have:

As I said above, Hellboy figures are in short supply and are kak expensive!

I’m not even going to depress you with how much the licensed 1/6 scale figure by Hot Toys goes for these days!

This piece was a welcome opportunity to fill this gap in my collection and while I wouldn’t say it was “cheap” in the classic sense, it did represent excellent value for money just on the basis of the included accessories, stylised body and multiple head sculpts.

As you can imagine, this is not by any means the perfect figure- as I mentioned there are some minor build issues on the accessories and the figure itself.

I found that some of the clips and straps were not particularly hardy at all. In addition, the body is coated with a customised rubber-like material to give the figure that “Hellboy” look.

I worry that the rubber might begin flaking in the future, but nothing I could see makes this a pressing concern.

At the time I did my video I was irritated with the amount of work it took to assemble the figure. However, now in the weeks between getting the figure and now having agreed it into me display I have simmered down and decided that as long as you give yourself time and space to make changes on the figure you really shouldn’t have an issue.

Like I said above I did some basic modifications to give it the overall look I preferred though this isn’t essential.

As far as I am concerned this is probably ranking up there as one of my best buys this year (issues notwithstanding) just because of all the amazing display options it presents. For full details be sure to watch the video review embedded in this write up.

For now though, I frikken thrilled with this figure and it elicits a resounding Aish!!!


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