Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Gold Edition Review (Including all DLC Review)

Resident Evil just has not been Resident Evil in the recent times, almost losing its touch. When RE:7 came out, I was intrigued and jumped right in. Let’s take a look and see if the RE:7 Biohazard Gold helped save the series.   In this series, you take on the…

The Crit

Main Story - Story - 86%
Main Story - Graphics - 81%
Main Story - Audio - 81%
Main Story - Gameplay - 82%
Main Story - Replayability - 65%
Banned Footage Vol 1 - 69%
Banned Footage Vol 2 - 60%
Not a Hero - 51%
End of Zoey - 56%



User Rating: 3.15 ( 1 votes)

Resident Evil just has not been Resident Evil in the recent times, almost losing its touch. When RE:7 came out, I was intrigued and jumped right in. Let’s take a look and see if the RE:7 Biohazard Gold helped save the series.


In this series, you take on the character name Ethan Winters, who had his wife randomly disappear and eventually assumed dead. Strangely, some years later you receive a videos from someone saying she is Mia (Your assumed deceased wife) asking you to stay away. With some hope and a heart full of rage, you take on the mission of getting Mia back, which is the exact opposite of what was asked of him. His search leads him to the Baker family farm, where he faces his worst nightmares.


Influenced by newer horror genre games, the seventh game in the series has opted for a first person point of view. The visual effects in this game are outstanding, having stayed with the original RE theme’s gore and disgust but with the twist of new genre twists of the tense physiological horror genre. Level design and map creation is perfectly designed and definitely doesn’t frustrate me as much as the previous 3 games in the series. The distribution of objectives and interactive gameplay is not huge that is bores you but not too small that you feel like you wasted your money on a short game. The history of the house and the family can be seen as a story as you go through the levels (the house).


The characters and aniations are very well done throughout this game, although there can be some rendering issues every now and then with the Antialiasing of hair and fences, the pixilation is crazy but noticed is less than 5 times throughout the entire game. The realism of the character, both human and non-human, create a sense of possibility with the characters and definitely draws you In to feel like this whole story could be humanly possible and I almost started to related to character’s fears and anxieties. Disturbing but that is how I like it.


Most important in the horror genre is the sound and music. Effects and noise are demonstrated extremely well within this game. Immersion isn’t hard when you have such outstanding scoring in a game. The different scenarios are definitely aided by the scoring here and the timing, BPM and effectiveness of sound in the extreme horror moments in the game. Basically, they nailed it! The effects are outstanding, from the weighted gun shots to the creaks and distant groans, they have created the most unnerving experience, which is exactly what this game needed.


The DLC’s were included in the gold version. 2 of which are : Banned Footage Volume 1 and 2. These DLCs are all side events and link to the main story but they do not determine the outcomes, with the exception of 1.


Volume One: You get 3 modes. Nightmare, Bedroom and Ethan Must Die.



In this mode, you are essentially playing a survivial horde match against the enemies from the main story, in the main house. In order to survive you need to purchase weapons by collecting scrap from compactors. Make good use of this currency to get as far into the side event mission as possible. Sounds very similar to a certain title that rhymes with Ball of Doodie: Swombies.



In bedroom, you take a character from a VHS seen in the main story and without giving to much away, you need to escape the crazy Baker Family in a choice/interactive puzzle mode which requires no shooting and more thinking.


Ethan Must Die

This is a near impossible challenge mode that sees Ethan put into a slightly altered version of the main house and region with less resource, no checkpoints and stronger enemies. The mode is impossible but fun, but remember it has no effect of the core games story


Volume Two: You get 3 more modes. 21, Daughters and Jacks 55th Birthday.



You once again assume the role of the same man, Clancy, from the mode “Bedroom”. You are forced into a game of played, where losing could kill you or make you lose an arm. This one is more like a mini game and has nothing to do with anything, other than use a recognizable character to play a SAW-like game of blackjack.



Here you take on Zoey Baker on the night of the breakout, and again, this is a puzzle based choice game, with no combat. This gives some insight into the main story as it takes place in the home of the Baker’s, however, if you never play it you won’t feel any effects of FOMO.


Jack’s 55th Birthday

Finally you get to play as Mia, as you need to bring Jack food (can’t tell you who is without killing the game lol). You run around and play an outrageous mini game styled mode, which is fun but also pointless and adds no value to the story.


This brings us to the most anticipated DLCs in the series: Not a Hero and End of Zoey.


Not A Hero

This DLC was shown to us after the credit of the main game as a free DLC coming soon. However, due to quality concerns it was delayed and released in December 2017. In this DLC, you go back to playing the game favourite, Chris Redfield. It takes place at the end of the main game as he hunts down Lucas Baker to find out his involvement in the outbreak. This mode throws back to the older titles with a burst of action and killing, loads of killing in fact. This is the most badass part of the entire game but also the weakest in term of level design, this DLC is designed horribly and feel rushed. I would compare this mode to an arcade shooting game you would play with 3 coins and your 7 year old son.


End of Zoey

This DLC takes place quite some time after Not a Hero. Where you play as Joe Baker, searching the swamps and surrounding areas for a cure for his niece Zoey. This DLC is extremely action orientated and also strangely put together. From punching the infected in the face to eating bugs for health, while also dodging alligators, this game mode is over the top and completely out of place. This is extremely repetitive and to be honest, I did not even care to finish it.


This game has definitely made a turn for the best, without even sticking to the original story. I am extremely happy with the work done by adding in a western horror game designer. Is this worth the money? Of course. A great game with mediocre DLCs, surely enough to keep you busy for hours and also changing your underwear often.


Additional Information

Reviewed on: Playstation 4
Available on:  PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Genre: Horror
Age Rating: Pegi 18
Publisher/Developer: Capcom
Estimated RRP: R779
Release Date: 12 December 2017 


  • Immersive Main Story
  • Greta Horror Title
  • Sound and Scoring


  • Weak DLC Content

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