Redragon H710 Helios Wired Headset Review

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Redragon H710 Helios Wired Headset Review
Redragon H710 Helios Wired Headset Review

We had a look at Redragon's new H710 Helios 7.1 wired headphones. I must say that it is a real nice pair of headphones and it is also not that expensive for what you are getting. The reason I say this is that the unit features 50mm drivers(might be neodymium drivers) that gave me clear sound when I played some League of Legends and some NFS.

I also tested it with my favourite tracks from "The Great Fantasy-Adventure Album" especially the T-Rex tracks, the splitting hairs and the Terminator factory track. These tracks are all recorded in Surround sound and the H710 Helios performed exceptionally good with them.

I also loved the fact that the H710 Helios feels likes it weights almost nothing when you have it on and the leatherette that they used is nice and soft on the ears. Now the cups itself might not fit everyone, however, it did fit me perfectly and had the unit sealed properly when I had them on. As I said earlier the unit does feel like it weighs nothing but this does not mean that it's made of sub-par materials, it has a steel or aluminium headband that forms to your head and keeps the earcups tight to your ears. This gave me a perfect listening experience.

The Redragon H710 Helios features a built-in controller on the USB cable. You have the option on the controller to select 3(4 if you go back to default) listening profiles. It had a Gaming, movie and music profile and you can see on the unit when you selected them. I preferred the default and gaming profiles when listening to music as I felt the Music profile did muddy the songs(it made the bass in the music to pronounced).

Overall I was pleased with the Redragon H710 Helios wired Headphones, it did not feel like I was wearing any headphones and the sound quality on the units was exceptional. The built-in profiles in the controller are good, however, the music profile for me needs to be changed a bit. The build quality is on par with R2000(the H710 Helios comes in at R1000+-) headphones and sound as well. I would recommend the Redragon H710 Helios to any gamer looking for a decent pair of headphones that won't break the bank and has excellent sound quality. Overall score 8/10





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