Redragon Aryaman Wired Mechanical RGB Keyboard Review

So you looking for your first mechanical keyboard, but the big boys are just out of your budget? Have a look then at Redragon’s Aryaman wired mechanical keyboard. This wired keyboard has everything that you would require and it comes at a good price, depending on where you shopping from R1299 up to R1599(from Redragon directly).Redragon Aryaman

So, what do you get for your money? Well, a solid keyboard that does not feel cheap at all, and the keys when typing feels natural. The switches that Redragon uses in the Aryaman is a type of Chery MX switch(their switches are called OUTEMU) that is close to the Cherry MX Blue switches. The Aryaman is louder than my Blackwidow-Elite(yes yes snob I know), but if you have your headset on you won’t hear it(or if you doing reviews very late at night, then everybody hears you)….maybe your teammates, but not you. Redragon AryamanWhat I like also about the Aryaman is that not just is it solid but the RGB lighting on the unit is great as well, and the even has built-in RGB setups that you can select via the FN key and the middle keys(Ins, del, end etc). You can also set via the same FN key the speed and light intensity of the RGB. It even has RGB on the side of the keyboard(not just the keycaps).Redragon Aryaman

The Redragon Aryaman also comes with a wrist rest and I must say that I do enjoy using it. What is also nice of the Aryaman is that it comes with a Keycap/Switch puller, it even comes with Extra switches. If you so like you can order new keycaps from Redragon(they have funky round ones!).Redragon Aryaman

Overall I am happy with the Redragon Aryaman Wired Mechanical Keyboard, it does not feel like an entry-level keyboard and has all the looks and feel of a top-end product. The OUTEMU Blue keys can be a bit loud compared to other switches, but I did not find any ghosting when I played my games and typed this review on the Aryaman. At the price point(Between R1299 and R1599 depending on retailer), the Redragon Aryaman goes it would be a worthwhile investment for anybody entering into the mechanical keyboard space and even as a stand-in for when you need a replacement keyboard.


Connector/Cable Length:

QWERTY/104 keys
Gold-plated USB-A, 1.8meters long cable

Available at:

Computer Mania:
Dreamware Tech:


  • Good Quality Mechanical Keyboard
  • Good entry level Price
  • Spill proof
  • Spare switch's


Value for Money - 8.5
Features - 7.5
Looks - 8

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