Redragon Aryaman Wired Mechanical RGB Keyboard




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Redragon Aryaman Wired Mechanical RGB Keyboard
Redragon Aryaman

Redragon is for every gamer.

As manufacturers of quality gaming peripheral, devices and accessories including keyboards, mice, headsets, speakers, chassis and more, Redragon designs and manufactures a wide range of peripheral for every genre of games.

Before Redragon, South African gamers were forced to compromise on either quality or limbs to afford adequate gaming peripheral. Scrounging the market for quality gaming accessories and peripheral without the hefty price tag was a task that proved challenging. But everything changed when Redragon hatched here in South Africa.

For the first time, local gamers were given an easy choice. Redragon offered the perfect balance between quality and price. Without breaking the bank, gamers could plug directly into the source. Having manufactured and designed a range of gaming peripherals for leading brands in the space, Redragon offered peripheral that could go toe-to-toe with the biggest and baddest brands at an affordable price point.

Designed for durability, your Redragon gear will see you through every levelution you face. Whether you are defending a Keep or trying to get chicken dinner, Redragon peripherals are built for the every gamer.

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