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Extreme changes have occurred in the far and distance future regarding Racing. Racers from all around fight to compete in the biggest and most deadly tournament in the universe, which is held only once every five years, known as Redline. JP a reckless dare devil is heedless to the speed limits, with his ultra customized car, personally wanting a chance at fame. Organized crime and militaristic governments use and want to leverage the race to their own desire. Amongst the other elite rival drivers in the tournament, JP falls for the alluring Sonoshee, but will she prove to be his undoing or can their high speed romance survive a mass destructive race?


Redline is an exciting and highly action packed Sci-fi anime, with a very interesting outlook into the future of racing technology, having some of the most outrageous action scenes with racing cars that far exceeds real world’s laws of physics. When you see the customized cars in action you become engross with the outrageous designs and the amazing power of these cars, together with their performance abilities. Redline has a well balance of humor, action and romance to its story line, making it a very enjoyable story, easy to get into and you just cannot help being involved with the action. Extreme care has been taken with the choice of music, as every piece of the sound tracks flows well with the action and adds an impulse of emotions to the story.


Each and every character in the story has their own unique individual quality, some of them are just crazy and out of their minds holding only one goal in sight, which is to be the winner of Redline. Each individual has only one desire in sight, which is the glory and fame that comes with being the winner of Redline.


Even though this anime was released some time ago, for me it was really a thrilling and enjoyable anime to watch. This is a must for any anime collector. If you get the opportunity to purchase Redline, I highly recommend you purchase it immediately, get home, put the popcorn on to pop, sit in you favorite chair, switch your big TV on, put the speakers as loud as you can, and get into Redline.


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