Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Review

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic story of honor and loyalty set during the dying days of America’s outlaw era, told through the deepest and most expansive Rockstar world yet.

A collaboration between all Rockstar Games studios worldwide, Red Dead Redemption 2 was the first full Rockstar Games new generation experience built from the ground up for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, blending storytelling and gameplay in new ways as you live and ride as an outlaw in a notorious gang.

After over a year’s worth of waiting Red Dead Redemption 2 Finally came to PC on the 5th Of November.

I’m slowly making my way through the game. After 8 hours of playing the game I’m sitting on 10% of Story Progression, This will definitely be the longest game I play this year.

There are a couple of Noticeable changes

Firstly There’s a Benchmark,

On my current rig I’m running an I7 6700k with not one but 2x1080Ti’s in SLI.

This game brings my rig to its Knees. Running in 1080p I get around 55-60fps during gameplay on average.

This is caused by the MSAA Red Dead Redemption 2 uses. The higher the MSAA the more drops I get.

8x gives me around 55-60fps, 4X gets me around 70fps, 2X Around 74Fps going up to 80fps.

This among the rest of the graphical changes make for a really really, REALLY beautiful game.

This makes for really good use of the Photo Mode and editor.

Hit F6 and you can jump into photo mode which pauses time, takes away the HUD and lets you take some really impressive screenshots. With the editor you can adjust the frames, change the focus apply filters and so much more.

The port brings a whole list of graphical changes to PC, Namely:

  • Increased draw distance
  • “Higher quality” global illumination and ambient occlusion
  • “Improved” snow trails
  • “Improved” reflections and higher resolution shadows
  • Tessellated tree textures
  • “Improved” grass and fur textures
  • HDR support
  • Unlocked resolution (4K and higher)
  • Ultra wide aspect ratio and multi-monitor support
  • Unlocked framerate
  • The option to swap between Vulkan and Direct X12 Engines.

However as mentioned above with the Framerates, Good luck trying to play it on Ultra Spec at 4K with unlocked framerates on a high refresh rate monitor. Currently it’s not really possible even with a RTX 2080ti, a 1,200$ Graphics card, Let that sink in.

I also need to mention the issues that are plaguing pc players at the moment:

Many players are reporting not being able to start the game at all, with it either crashing on the intro or giving them a message that the Rockstar launcher won’t launch.

Other players are getting a message saying “activation required” when they try to launch the game

Other players aren’t getting any audio.

Several players are reporting getting stuck in an infinite load screen, though there doesn’t seem to be a fix for that yet.

I myself am running the latest Nvidia Geforce drivers and while I’ve luckily had none of the above issues I have still experienced random crashes doing normal game tasks such as opening the Map or my inventory.

Final Thoughts:

Being a PC gamer all my life I know that almost every single game will have issues on launch and this is to be expected. The game however is an amazing experience if you can run it like intended. The story is amazing so far, The game-play is really good and the Graphics are just wow(Perhaps a little bit too much). This coupled with the addition of Red Dead Online for the PC Players means that this game is going to be around a really long time. Hopefully within the next month or so all game breaking crashes and bugs get fixed, Rockstar normally is very good with its player base support and have been working on fixes.



Story - 10
Graphics - 9.5
Audio - 10
Gameplay - 9.8
Replayability - 10

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