Razer Blackshark V2 X Review Review

. Razer is back, this time with an affordable yet feature-packed headset.

The Blackshark V2 X.

While the V2 Pro costs around R3500 in the South African Market, the V2 X comes in at an amazing price of R1099.

Yet is packed with most of the features of the V2 and V2 Pro. You still have all the same basic hardware from the V2 albeit without all the upper-tier features, such as the detachable mic and the USB connection, as well as losing the wireless feature that makes the V2 Pro one of the best headsets you can buy today. What this headset doesn’t get rid of, however, makes it incredible for its price point. It retains the 7.1 Virtual surround sound, the 50mm drivers, the Hyperclear Cardioid Mic, and even Passive Noise Cancellation. For a headset that just does the job its supposed to, without wireless compatibility, RGB lighting everywhere, and everything else that makes other headsets 4 maybe 5 sometimes even 6 thousand rand, this is brilliant.

The V2 X comes in with a great lightweight design, in 3 colors, white, matt black, and neon “Razer” green ( i was lucky enough to get the neon green – HIGHLY recommend it).

The headband and earcups are made of a soft leather material that feels incredibly comfy, the inner earcups are fabric and use a memory foam that is really squishy, meaning it’ll rest nicely on your head. The headset cables are made of soft plastic material, unlike the braided material you’ll find on the V2 and V2 Pro. While the upper tier models come with a USB connection, the V2 X comes with two 3.5mm cables, one being sound and the other being a microphone on an extended cable, and the main cable consisting of a single 3.5mm three-ring connection (so both mic and sound). As mentioned before the mic on the V2 X is not detachable however the mic arm doesn’t feel as weak as you’d expect. I found it stayed close to my mouth without any drop-offs. The headset has a volume knob and mute button on the left earpiece which I found easily accessible.

Final Thoughts

At the pricepoint of the V2 X, I highly doubt you could find a different model packing all the same features as the V2 X, I would highly recommend it for gamers on a budget that still want a great quality headset. The 50mm Drivers are a great feature as well as the 7.1 virtual surround sound.


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  • Amazing price point
  • Great all round headset


  • Build Quality could be a little better
  • Only 3.5mm connection


Value for money - 10
Features - 8
Audio Quality - 9
Build Quality - 8
Aesthetics - 8

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