Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Review

The Razer Blackshark V2 launched earlier this year and was a strong contender for theBest gaming headset. The No frills, No RGB, Plain Fighter Pilot look is something I’ve personally been looking for in a headset for a while, and Oh Boy. Did Razer Deliver. This solid black number with amazing audio quality made for an awesome headset with both my work environment and Gaming. The only problem? The Cord.

This is where the Blackshark V2 Pro Steps In.

This headset takes everything I loved from the Standard V2 and gets rid of the cord! THX Digital Surround Sound without any cables. The headband and Cups are covered in Razers FlowKnit fabric, for a super soft breathable material that feels light and airy and minimizes the sweat buildup. It has super soft memory foam on the earcups and this with its super lightweight made wearing this headset for extended periods of time very comfortable.

The mic quality on this is also absolutely incredible and was super clear on everything from In-game Chat, To Discord, To Teams to 8X8. It has great noise cancellation as well as really good sound isolation, Once I had this on, I couldn’t hear any outside noises at all. It also has a fully detachable mic for when you just want to relax and solo a game or listen to music.

The Headset does have a Mute button on the side that clicks in and out, I found this super easy to use and it has really good placement, I never struggled to find it. The headset does allow you to use a 3.5mm jack for console gaming and mobile devices, and also makes use of Razers Hyperspeed Technology. I managed to connect this and the Naga Pro on a Single Dongle saving a USB Port.

The only thing that I did notice is that the default settings on these headsets are not great at all, I had to do some tweaking in the Synapse software to get it just the way I like it. Without this, the Bass does sound a little off, But anyone who does buy these headsets would definitely want to play with the Synapse software so I guess that is what Razer was going for?

The Battery life on this headset was absolutely great, I found myself charging it every second to third day- Quite a feat by Razer I must admit.


The Technical Stuff

Driver Type Customized dynamic 50mm (Razer TriForce Titanium)
Impedance 32 Ohms
Frequency Response 12 Hz – 28 KHz
Microphone Type Razer HyperClear super cardioid, detachable
Connectivity USB Type-A or 3.5mm
Cords 1.3m
Weight 320g
Lighting None
Software Razer Synapse 3



Final Thoughts.

The Blackshark v2 pro is an incredible headset if you can get past the price point on it.

The quality of this headset is phenomenal and the Battery life is really something else. My only complaint is having to tweak the software to make it sound really special.




-Wireless and 3.5mm.

-Very long-lasting Battery Life


-The fact that i had to tweak the sound to get it where the bass was actually good was disappointing.

-The Price

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