Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Review

From Insomniac games comes another Highly Rated Playstation 5 Exclusive!

Rachet & Clank Rift Apart.

Being the first Rachet and Clank since the 2015 game, Insomniac delights us with a brand new installment of the series. Right in the beginning of the game, you are put in a Hero’s Parade which feels well deserved after the last installment. Of course this gets interrupted by Dr. Nefarius who steals the Dimensionator which shortly after malfunctions and causes an interdimensional mess. Rifts have opened up to alternate dimensions, Rachet and Clank get seperated and the dimensionator has been destroyed. This then introduces the newest member of the family, Rivet. Rachets counterpart from a different dimension ruled by a much tougher, stronger, Emperor Nefarious.

Swapping between Rachet and Rivet, you’ll travel between different planets to try and find a way to build a new Dimensionator to fix the mess and restore order to the dimensions.This is all part of the main questline, There’s also tons of optional side quests which have been made really well and are actually a delight to play more than a burden like in some other games. You’ll also be collecting raritanium for upgrading weapons, and golden bolts for unlocking extra visual content.

Each planet in the game has its own unique feel and atmosphere, be it zero gravity and space boots, or fighting off a t-rex style mini boss or even riding on the back of a turbo fueled snail. There’s tons of content on each world and no two worlds feel alike.



Final Thoughts:

This game really does look and feel like a high budget Pixar Movie. I found myself lost in its beauty and taking screenshots whenever i could. This is a MUST PLAY for any Playstation 5 Owner.


  • Great use of the DualSense controller
  • Graphics are some of the best on the PlayStation 5


  • Gameplay does get repetitive at times
  • Story is a little short, even with repetitive gameplay


Story - 10
Graphics - 10
Audio - 10
Gameplay - 9
Replayability - 7

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