rAge Expo Cosplay Contest 2015 | What Went Down During The Main Stage Event

The rAge Expo Cosplay Contest has become well known for hosting some of the best cosplayers in South Africa and 2015 was no exception. For this year’s competition, a new category was added for those cosplayers who find themselves at home in front of an adoring crowd. A dedicated Skit category was added to the judging line-up and we got a huge amount of entries for this category.

We got in a total of 17 skit entries of which 16 made it to the final event, which took place in front of a packed audience. The main stage event was scheduled for the last day of the rAge Expo and many a con-goer waited around especially for this event. The cosplayers didn’t disappoint and the skill levels were phenomenal. This event also showcased the prize winners and you can find a complete list of all the winners here.

We are proud to present the video footage of the main stage event, featuring all the cosplayers that competed in this category, as well as the prize giving ceremony:

rAge Expo Cosplay Contest 2015 Main Stage Event 11 October 2015

Congratulations to all the cosplayers who were brave enough to venture onto the main stage at rAge to perform in front of the capacity crowd. You guys were absolutely amazing and you were an inspiration to many other cosplayers to do the same during next year’s competition.

We would like to thank the organizers from rAge Expo as well as everybody else who made this main stage event possible. Skits are a very important part of cosplaying and it was awesome to see our local cosplayers getting on stage to show what they’re made off. Hi-fives all round!

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