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RAge 2015: Ster Kinekor Entertainment’s Mario Dos Santos

Call Of Duty black Ops 3

RAge was founded on Gaming. So it makes sense that one of the main corner stones of the gaming culture would be PlayStation.

We had a chance to chat to the CEO of Ster Kinekor Entertainment: Mario Dos Santos about the future of PlayStation in South Africa.

When is comes to 2015 looking to 2016, Dos Santos seems excited about the future of PlayStation in South Africa.

“Looking over the past year, we’ve been going from strength to strength, there is a lot more investment in exclusive content, such as Call Of Duty and Star Wars Battlefront that are launching on Playstation, and the development of the new platforms such as VR launching in the next quarter”. This is the former Morpheus VR headset, now simply called, Playstation VR.

PlayStation South Africa’s Future

When asked about PlayStation’s TV stint, Dos Santos was honest and open about the global result; “PlayStation TV, has not been as successful as we would have liked, its an interesting piece of equipment, that core gamers loved, but the broader consumer base found it difficult to use and connect with the technology.”

This has not been a South African only issue though, it’s across the board. consistent in most territories.

PlayStation has always been about the gamers first, so naturally, Indie games and development came up in the conversation, again, Dos Santos seemed excited to talk about it: “The development of indie games coming into the console. It’s definitely a focus that PlayStation wants to go in, and stay in that space. It is a space that we will always be in and want to develop for the gamers, developers and studios to grow the industry”.

Truly for the Gamers.

Moving away from the PlayStation 4 console a bit, we needed to get some feedback on PlayStation’s handheld console, The PlayStation Vita: “It’s been a good device and it’s been a solid channel for gaming. the only concern was the cost of ownership. In the South African market, it’s a bit more difficult to own a variety of console options, as the cost of maintaining various consoles may be a bit high for the average user. But we are still developing software and updates for the vita, and it still remains a focal point for PlayStation South Africa.”

It will be interesting to see what PlayStation Global does with the Vita as more users move to a mobile device or phone for their mobile gaming needs over an exclusive handheld gaming device.

2015 in Review

When asked about the highs and lows of PlayStation South Africa this past year, Dos Santos highlighted PlayStation’s work internationally to cater for the African market:

“The low, has been the impact of the economy and the exchange rate, we try get the price down as much as we can, but its tough to lower the price for our market when the exchange rate doesn’t play along. We always look for help from our overseas partners to get the price down. It’s difficult.”

“The highs have been the exclusive partnerships that PlayStation has secured, with content such as Bloodborne being a massive surprising success and the launching of the exclusive Batman console and the exclusive deals for Call Of Duty and Star Wars Battlefront on our console.”

PlayStation and Indie Gaming

Talking about South Africa’s development scene, and how Africa is managing digital infrastructure problems? “South Africa is getting there quite quickly in terms of infrastructure. Quicker than I expected, but it’s good to see it grow in the way that is has. This lets us offer better, more diverse gaming experiences as South Africa develops it’s internet and broadband infrastructure.”

“As for development of games in South Africa, we wont see the next Black Ops developed out of South Africa, but we are seeing the creation of teams of guys building parts of games for the international producers, and I’m sure we’ll see more of that in the coming years. Maybe one day. we’ll have a global game that is solo South African made, but due to economy and infrastructure, not quite yet.”

Running around at rAge, we got to see that he wasn’t wrong, one of the darlings of the show were definitely the breakout of Battlefront and PlayStation’s gaming stands. PlayStation looks set for another African dominance wave as it did with the PlayStation 2 so long ago.

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