rAge 2015: MSI press presentation makes a Statement

At rAge 2015, MSI was out in full force to make a very clear and powerful statement. Early on Friday, we attended a presentation that the local and international MSI team delivered to the press in the media room (which they sponsored as well) about their existing and new products, each department had a turn to showcase their products and why MSI is the #1 Gaming brand. Some great stuff was seen and MSI is really amped to prove why their logo states “#1 in Gaming”. We also interviewed Miles Regenass from the South African Marketing Department at MSI (click here to watch the video interview).

There’s little things in their product that gives them that bit of an edge over other products and it is very exciting to see what the manufacturers come up with to try and get a notch up from the other. I’m quite excited to see and play with some of these new products myself and with the release of Skylake things will start getting interesting very soon.

GES would like to thank & congratulate the MSI team on delivering a great presentation and having a great presence at rAge, as well as for making our experience in the hospitality suite such a “safe heaven” and “sanctuary” to escape to when we needed to recover from all the interviews and public interactions. I’m sure we will all see more of MSI in the next few months.

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