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We had the pleasure of running into RAge Expo founder and former editor of Nag Magazine Michael James! He had a few cool things to say about rAge and where it’s going in the next few years.

We know how rAge Expo began, “It was a A combination with me going over seas to E3 and GamesCom and SA only had one small event here, and we all just went there to find cheap games. I wanted more games, and I wanted to build a better gaming culture, similar to what we saw in the states.”

“Then we launched it, it quickly became a mixture of things, we have the LAN, the commercial element too, so it quickly became a mixture of gaming cultures, and I think that’s why it’s so popular.”

Talking about rAge Expo’s success, we wondered if there was a shift in the numbers or culture within the gaming culture in South Africa, and how that would affect rAge: “There is definitely growth, every year there are more people, but more so, it brings people together, you play online with guys all year, rAge offers time to bring those islands together in one place. Even though “LAN” is redundant, it’s the sense of community and fun.”

RAge Cape Town 2016

rAge in Cape Town: “Cape Town rAge has been asked for a lot by the community, there is a demand for it, the time is right for us to do something there, and we have a lot of buy in from the clients here in Johannesburg. We will definitely doing something down there, it will be different and it will be something new, not like here in Johannesburg rAge.”

What about the brands?

“The launching and announcement of titles is always overseas based, if it coincides with rAge then they may launch here too, its not on the same scale of E3 yet, but brands like Xbox and Playstation definitely see rAge as thee event to pull out their best things, this is thee event for that.”

“People are surprised how good it is, international companies are beginning to see that we can put on a good show every year. I just think the size of the market is the challenge here, it’ll get there though.”

People have complained every year about management or some issue that goes on at rAge that didn’t quite work, “but, there will always be some issue, and a million experts that feel they can do it better, and that’s fine, but every year we learn and put on a better show the following year.Crowding was a problem at one point but now we fixed that, but we do listen to everything and we do read everything and we do try make it better.”

Something interesting every year is the Home Coding section, local programmers and gaming developers get to show what South Africa’s got, every year it grows and the quality gets better; “Initiatives like Hone Code and NAG Jam do grow the industry and development community, and often guys are able to go from here and get work overseas or contribute to a larger development.”

Nag Jam has 24 entries and 10 of those are on the show floor, there are some real gems there, clever, smart concepts, I love seeing these cool ideas, all these little things we do just keep uplifting the community which is what matters at the end of the day”

Though a great, to the point, very geek South African chat off air, we got one last statement form the man himself: “Im looking forward to Star Wars”. A man after our own heart!

To checkout what else happened at rAge Expo 2015, click this link.

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